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Set up a Web page with a poster movie with no controller that loads a larger movie with a controller (How-To from February 3, 1998)

Having a movie fire a URL (How-To from December 16, 1997)

Recompress and change the frame rate of a movie; add visual effects; and rotate, flip, and skew visual tracks. (How-To from December 2, 1997)

Specifying a substitute instrument for a custom instrument in a QuickTime music track. (How-To from March 18, 1997)

Setting up alternate language text or audio tracks (How-To from March 3, 1997)

Adding a logo to a movie, using MoviePlayer's transparency and move and resize features. (How-To from February 18, 1997 )

"Streaming" QuickTime audio. (How-To from February 4, 1997 )

Compositing two movies side-by-side, or as a picture-in-a-picture. (How-To from January 21, 1997)

Adding a chapter list (How-To from January 6, 1997)

Using MoviePlayer keyboard shortcuts (How-To from December 16, 1996)

Inserting data into a movie for a specified amount of time (How-To from December 9, 1996 )

Downsampling an audio track (How-To from December 2 , 1996)

Removing duplicate frames in a movie created from still images (How-To from November 25, 1996)

Removing duplicate frames in a movie, giving you different durations for different frames (How-To from November 18, 1996)

Showing off a movie (How-To from November 11 , 1996)

Creating a dynamic preview for a movie, using content from a compeletely different movie (How-to from October 28)

Making a dynamic preview for any of your movies (How-To from October 21,1996)

Making a "startup movie" (How-To from October 14 , 1996)

Using a custom sound in a QuickTime music file (How-To from October 7, 1996 )

Determining what codec was used to compress a movie (How-To from September 30th, 1996 )

Masking a movie (How-To from September 23rd ,1996)

Making a small movie (How-To from September 16th. 1996 )

Adding and searching a text track (How-To from September 9th, 1996)

Using the trim command (How-To from September 2nd, 1996 )

Adding Copyright Info (How-To from August 26th, 1996)

Preparing a movie for web playback (How-To from August 19th, 1996)

Overdriving audio (How-To from August 12th, 1996 )