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General QuickTime

Cool QuickTime Tools
Page listing tools we covered in our MacWorld SF '02 talk.

Apple's QuickTime Site (
This is the official (or Big) QuickTime page. It's the place to get current versions of QuickTime and find related resources.

Apple's Embedding QuickTime for Web Delivery page (
If you want to learn about the html you can use to embed QuickTime movies on Web pages, this is the place.

Apple's QuickTime Tools and Utilities page (
This is the place to get various free tools that let you take advantage of QuickTime features.

MoviePlayer 3 Pro Documentation (useful because much has remained the same in QuickTime Player Pro)

Clicking this link will download or display (~4MB) a PDF version of the Macintosh documentation.Hold down the Option key and click to download the file.

Clicking this link will download or display (~4MB) a PDF version of the Windows documentation. Right mouse click and choose Save as to download file.

XMLtoRefMovie Tool (
Tool for creating reference movies, created by Peter Hoodie

Friends of Time (
Site where you'll find lots of QuickTime history.

MPEG-4 Industry Forum (
M4IF is a group of MPEG-4 developers deadacted to further the developement and adoption of MPEG-4. There are link to more info on MPEG-4

Internet Streaming Media Alliance (

QuickTime VR

QuickTime Music Architecture

Miscellaneous Multimedia (with QT-related stuff)

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