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We provide this site as a simple way to keep our readers, our University of California colleagues, BMUG members, and others, informed about changes in QuickTime and related products that we think are interesting, cool, or significant. We'll also have an occasional "how-to", which will show off some cool things (some old, some new) that can be done with QuickTime Player and/or QuickTime.

We're the authors of the recently published: QuickTime 6 for Macintosh and Windows: Visual QuickStart Guide

Our previous books include QuickTime 5 for Macintosh and Windows: Visual QuickStart Guide, QuickTime Pro 4 Visual QuickStart Guide, QuickTime and MoviePlayer Pro 3 Visual QuickStart Guide (Peachpit, 1998), QuickTime: the Official Guide for Macintosh Users (Hayden, 1994), and BMUG's Quicker QuickTime (BMUG, 1992, 1993). We've also written various articles on QuickTime and multimedia and we wrote the documentation for MoviePlayer 3 (which you can download as a PDF file from our Links page.) BMUG's Guide to QuickTime 2.5 was a CD-ROM that we produced to educate people about QuickTime a number of years ago.

Why have we written so much about QuickTime? It's because QuickTime is such an elegant technology--simple, yet incredibly powerful. It's a technology that we think can be useful to many people. It is also constantly changing and growing in ways that make it, and products that rely on it, even more powerful. Our goal here is to point out those changes in ways that continue to demonstrate the simplicity and elegance. Here, as in previous projects, we'll do our best to avoid any technical mumbo-jumbo and explain things in the most straightforward way possible.

Judith L. Stern
Robert Lettieri

QuickTime 6 is one of those technologies that's hard to get a handle on: It's not just an application, but an entire cross-platform multimedia architecture you can use to view and create a vast range of multimedia projects. Now over 10 years old, QuickTime has become the Web standard for streaming and non-streaming video content. QuickTime 6 for Macintosh and Windows: Visual QuickStart Guide, puts the QuickTime architecture in perspective, providing both the "big picture" as well as detailed instructions for accomplishing a variety of tasks--from creating slide-show presentations, editing movies, and creating music soundtracks, to uploading videos for streaming over the Web. The task-based, visual layout takes an easy approach to teaching QuickTime, using pictures to guide you through the ins and outs of the program. If you're a beginner, you'll learn just what you need to know to get started, while all of you seasoned professionals can use the handy visual tabs to quickly look up the new features and tools of version 6, including support for MPEG-4.

ISBN: 0321127285
500 pages
List price: $21.99 U.S.

This book is avaible from Amazon.

These days, everyone's gone multimedia, not just business and graphics professionals. Artists, teachers, real estate agents, and parents have discovered the compelling power of dynamic visuals and sound. If you edit, combine, manipulate, stream, or view video, audio, text, or animation, you need Apple's QuickTime. And if you download the software, don't forget to pick up a copy of QuickTime 5 for Macintosh and Windows: Visual QuickStart Guide.

Using the proven VQS approach, the authors break QuickTime into easy-to-follow tasks, with detailed, step-by-step instructions and plenty of pictures that guide you through QuickTime and QuickTime streaming. Beginners will quickly learn what they need to know to get to work with QuickTime, while more seasoned QuickTime pros can use the handy tabs to look up the new features and tools in version 5.

ISBN 0-201-74145-8 © 2001
List price: $19.99 U.S.
440 pages

Whether you're new to multimedia or a seasoned author, QuickTime Pro 4: Visual QuickStart Guide will have you up and running fast with Apple's award-winning, cross-platform multimedia package. This step-by-step guide walks you through QuickTime 4, QuickTime Player Pro, and all the latest components, with in-depth coverage of QuickTime 4's new true streaming feature.

Written for the beginner and advanced user alike, QuickTime Pro 4: Visual QuickStart Guide gives you straightforward explanations of the features you'll find in the Professional edition of the package, including its extensive editing tools and newfound ability to import MP3 and Flash files. Informative screenshots are sprinkled liberally throughout the book to help keep you on track as you work.

ISBN 0-201-35469-1 © 1999
List price: $17.99 U.S.
360 pages

The QuickTime and MoviePlayer Pro 3 Visual QuickStart Guide is the fastest and easiest way to learn the features of MoviePlayer Pro and the power of QuickTime. A visual tutorial and reference, the title will answer the questions a webmaster or digital media author might have about using and authoring in QuickTime and MoviePlayer Pro.

Readers will learn:

ISBN 0-201-35349-0
List price: $17.95 U.S.
Pages: 272 pages

QuickTime: the Official Guide for Macintosh Users

QuickTime is Apple's revolutionary technology to put digital video on your desktop. QuickTime makes cross-platform multimedia accessible for everyone. This book/CD-ROM enables you to create, edit, and play QuickTime movies on your Mac! Get started with the basics. Master advanced tasks such as adding transitions, filters, and other special effects. With QuickTime: The Official Guide for Macintosh Users, you get the information and software you need to do all this and more! Step-by-step lessons and hands-on advice help you get the most out of QuickTime! Customize the way you play QuickTime movies; digitize your own video; cut and paste clips and add tracks to movies; master advanced editing techniques involving filters, transitions, and other special effects; incorporate sound, music, and MIDI support in your movies; learn the basics of compression and distribution of your movies; take advantage of the advanced power of QuickTime 2.0. The CD-ROM that comes with this book includes the following full-featured, upgradable, commercial applications: QuickTime 2.0, VideoShop 2.0.3, QuickFLIX! 1.1.1, and MoviePlayer 2.0. It also contains MovieShop and other hard-to-find Apple QuickTime utilities, cool utilities, demos, and Shareware.
This book is no longer in print, but you may still find it occasionally in bookstores or computer stores.

BMUG's Guide to QuickTime 2.5

This CD contains QuickTime 2.5, MoviePlayer 2.5, sample movies, software utilities from Apple's QuickTime team, and an informative, 75-page electronic primer covering the features new to QuickTime since version 2.0. With step-by-step instructions, you'll quickly get an intelligent grasp on what QuickTime 2.5 offers. You'll learn how to import and play karaoke files, create custom musical instruments, use new graphics modes to composite tracks for dramatic visual effects, prepare movies for the World Wide Web, create simple QuickTime VR object and panoramic movies, and much more!

Judith L. Stern and Robert Lettieri,
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