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December 18, 2001 - future of QuickTime (in relationship to MPEG-4), Zoomify (Photoshop plug-in and QuickTime component to create images that can be zoomed in without loss of resolution), QTVRControlX (ActiveX control that works in PowerPoint, MATLAB, and others), Picture-in-Picture X 1.0. (movie player that floats), Qtilities (QuickTime utilities ), Oliver (technology for dynamically creating movies--not SMIL)

December 11, 2001 - QuickTime & MPEG-4, ZyGoVideo Pro (a good low data rate codec) and HipFlics (compression software) bundle, web site, "Le garage de la vidéo pour Mac", version 2.5.1 of iShell multimedia authoring tool, MacTV version 1.0.8 (allows viewing of Mbone and Cisco IP/TV broadcasts, Seagull Video Player version 1.2. (allows for full screen playback and creation of playlists), CatDV 2.0.3 (digital video cataloging software, version 2.1 of gMovie Maker software (converts QuickTime movies into gMovies for Palm OS handhelds), tutorial on "Detecting Streaming Media Players" (includes information on using Java to dynamically generate a SMIL file that opens a QuickTime stream)

December 3, 2001 - QuickTime 5 adoption rates, QuickTime's ten year history and significance, Final Cut Pro 3, Adobe After Effects 5.5, Microcosm (new codec for QuickTime that supports 64-bit images), VideoClix (for adding interactive hotspots to linear video), YOW* 2.07 (QuickTime mixing software), SmartStreams QuickTime Channels page (QuickTime content from commercial sources)

November 27, 2001 - QuickTime ten years old / Friends of Time, SwingTime 2.02 (exports images from a QuickTime VR panorama, Diffusion 2.0 (Quicktime Effect plug-in that transforms image to impressionistic or pointillist painting), MovieFloat 1.0.5 (plays QuickTime movies in a floating window), Textation tutorials on creating chapter tracks and subtitle tracks

November 20, 2001 - 5.1 update for Cleaner (with support for Sorenson Pro 2-pass VBR), quality comparison (QuickTime, Windows Media, Real), Office v. X (PowerPoint improvements to QuickTime export capabilities, JES Deinterlacer (deinterlace or reinterlace QuickTime movies, Virtual Composer 2.9.3 (music composition tool) has been , QTVR Make Cubic (for creating a cubic panorama movie from six faces of a cube or equirectangular images), Version1.0.1 of PolyPhontics (for creating SF2 & DLS files for music tracks)

November 13, 2001 - HipFlics 1.1& LiveSlideShow 2.0 & LiveStage Professional 3.0 bundle, comparisons of video compressed using HipFlics and Cleaner 5, Friends of Time, Textation (text track creation tool), Camtasia 3.0 (motion screen capture), Version 2.6b0 of Panorama Tools (freeware plug-in that works with graphics programs for manipulating QTVR panos), PanoramaMaker ($30 tool that stitches images together to form a panorama which can be saved as a QuickTime VR movie, tutorial on "Detecting Streaming Media Players"

November 6, 2001 - QuickTime Streaming Server 4 Public Preview page, HipFlics 1.1 (compression tool), VideoScript version 2.2.7(tool that can be used to write scripts for processing video), DCam driver (allows for web cam use under Mac OS X), Virtual Composer 2.9.2 (a QuickTime music composition tool), Star Wars Episode II trailer

October 30, 2001 - Ben Waggoner's "The Top Ten Things I'd Like to See in QuickTime"; Windows version of QuickTime that includes the QuickTime ActiveX component; LiveSlideShow (for creating interactive QuickTime slide shows) with media skin support and import from digital cameras, service release for Internet Explorer 5.0 for Mac, Version 1.0 of Pageot (generates QuickTime EMBED and OBJECT code, version 5.2 of BTV and BTV Pro (for capture and editing), iScreensaver Designer 2.0 (turns a QuickTime movie into a screen saver), Sorenson Video 3.1, Sorenson Squeeze ( compression tool, QuickTime SWF Enabler (converts Flash SWF files to QuickTime files)

October 23, 2001 - FrameSync Studio (to construct a QuickTime movie from existing media), VideoClix (for creating interactive QuickTime movie including hot spots), PanoCube (for converting spherical panoramas into QuickTime 5 cubic panoramas, StrataDV 5.0 (editing tool that supports text and music tracks), iSlideShow version 1.2 (to create a slide show with transitions), Snapz Pro X (screen capture utility), Beta 11 of iScreenSaver Designer (turns a QuickTime movie into a screen saver), compressed test files from "Web Video Codecs Compared" article, iPod, iTunes 2, iDVD2

October 16, 2001 - Sorenson Broadcaster, Live Channel, PageSpinner 3.1.1 (can create the proper OBJECT tag to work with the QuickTime ActiveX control), QT Tag Converter (will convert QuickTime EMBED tags into the necessary OBJECT tags), QuickTime Developer document, "Inside QuickTime: Interactive Movies", workshops on LiveStage Pro (for creating highly interactive QuickTime movies) , QTVR-enabled ActiveX control for PowerPoint, Panoweaver Cubic (for creating cubic panoramas for QuickTime VR playback), Apple Developer document, "Inside QuickTime:QuickTime VR", iMovie 2.1.1 Update, QuickMovie (for creating QuickTime movies from a sequence of still images)

October 9, 2001 -"Web Video Codecs Compared" article, history and commentary about the choice of QuickTime for Lord of the Rings trailer, Ultimate Streaming Seminar (training on streaming covering Real, Windows Media, and MPEG-4 as well as QuickTime) , Beta 09 of iScreensaver Designer (turns a QuickTime movie into a screen saver , Pageot (generates both EMBED and OBJECT code, iMovie Plug-in Pack 2.1.1 (effects, transitions, and titles that will work from within iMovie, iBuild (multimedia authoring and presentation software), LiveChanel Lite (broadcaster and QuickTime Streaming server, Version 1.1.6 of Pix Lite (alternative movie playing tool)

October 2, 2001 - QuickTime Live conference postponed, .underwater diving project (making use of QuickTime streaming, TroubleShooting iMovie 2.1.1 , Version 5.5 of NetTracker Web Analytics Software (can analyze the logs of streaming media servers), OS X version of Pro version of ZyGoVideo codec, (for creating low-bandwidth movies), SaveHollywood (will use one or more QuickTime Movies as a screensaver, QuickTime Streaming Server 3.0.2

September 25, 2001 - comparison of QuickTime, Real Media, and Windows Media tutorial on saving and exporting in QuickTime Pro, Sorenson Squeeze (compression software) beta, Mac OS X 10.1 (includes QuickTime 5.0.2, QuickTime AppleScript Scripts page updated. The text on that page makes it sound as if the scripts there will work only in Mac OS X 10.1, Version 1.4 of QiPo (generates a web page showing a sequence of frames from a movie, version 5.1.1 of BTV Pro (tool for QuickTime capture and editing), interview with Jon Alper (responsible for interactive QuickTime-based content at WGBH)

September 18, 2001 - death of Daniel Lewin (founder of Akamai Technologies), how and why the director of Computer Chronicles uses QuickTime, software for CinéWave card, Version 1.0 of VideoScribbler (tool for drawing on live video), VideoScript version 2.3, midifork (allows you to experiment with QuickTime's musical instruments, Retiarius Enterprises QuickTime History page,

September 4, 2001 - Linux CrossOver Plugin (makes the full range of Windows Web Browser Plugins available on Linux, commentary on Microsoft's removal of plug-in support from Internet Explorer, QuickTime Embed/Object Tag Equivalencies page, QuickTime Detection and Response page, Blue Abuse (Totally Hip's new site devoted to QuickTime interactivity, Effects Packs 1, 2, and 3, Version 1.0b2 of Retiarius Enterprises' QTRM Maker (user-friendly front-end to Peter Hoddie's XMLtoRefMovie for creating QuickTime reference movies), Autodesk purchase of Media 100 software (including Cleaner and CineStream), DV for Teachers web site, World Without Borders Chat.

August 28, 2001 - Planet Jomo Dreamweaver extension (creates QT Object tags), Microsoft removing support for plug-ins, tutorial on AppleScript and the QuickTime Player, 2001 Primetime Emmy Engineering Award for Apple's FireWire technology, Virtual Composer 2.8.9 (music composition tool), .easy beat 1.3.1 (music composition tool), BlueAbuse interactive QuickTime showcase,

August 21, 2001 - QuickTime not working in Windows Internet Explorer 5.5 and 6, ActiveX control that enables QuickTime playback in Internet Explorer 5.5 and 6, commentary about Internet Explorer problem, Mac OS 9.2.1 (includes QuickTime 5.0.2, web site and VP3 codec, article by Jim Heid re.QuickTime 5's "skip protection" feature, Ultimate Streaming Seminar, 3.0.1 upgrade for LiveStage Professional 3 (tool for creating interactive QuickTime movie)

August 14, 2001 - ZyGoVideo (a good codec for low bit-rate video), component for IPIX, QuickTime Components page/Component Download Program, International versions of QT 5.0.2 , tutorial on working with QuickTime in Flash, tutorial on setting up a QuickTime streaming serveron Linux, overview of QuickTime's interactive potential , comparison of video codecs (including those for Windows Media and Real, as well as QuickTime), review of all things VR at MacWorld 2001 in NYC, with an eye on the latest in VR, QuickTime overview session from the WorldWide Developers Conference, Macaw (utility that helps create text tracks), Snapz Pro X (Mac OS X version of screen capture utility, Retiarius Enterprises' QTRM Maker (user-friendly front-end to Peter Hoddie's XMLtoRefMovie for creating QuickTime reference movies, Apple's MakeRefMovie utility (also for creating QuickTime reference movies), Final Cut Pro (video capture and editing) 2.0.2 updater, CatDV 2 (QuickTime cataloguing software), version 1.3 of QiPo (shareware that will take a movie and generate a web page showing a sequence of frames from the movie, Virtual Composer 2.8.8 (QuickTime music composition program, MegaSeg 2.0.2 (DJ music automation program), Totally Hip's authentication of LiveStage Pro via encrypted information sent over the net, 6 year mark for publishing the Little QuickTime Page!

July 24, 2001 - review of Apple's open source QuickTime Streaming Server, Sorenson Video 3 and Cleaner, easy beat (music track software) version 1.3, MacMPEG2Decoder  (for converting MPEG2 files into QuickTime movies) version 1.0b6, CoolStream (for live Broadcasting from a Mac OS 9 computer)version 1.2, VR Worx 2.1 (tools for creating QuickTime VR panoramas, objects and scenes, for Mac OS X

July 17, 2001 - comparison of basic version of Sorenson Video 3 to Pro and Basic versions of Sorenson Video 2, Codec Shootout (comparison of a large number of video codecs), Sorenson Squeeze (compression tool), version 1.1 of Live Channel (broadcaster and QuickTime Streaming server), Intelligent Assistant for Cleaner (CD-ROM to help you get the most out of Cleaner, instructions on adding a media skin to your movie, VideoScript version 2.2(used to write scripts for processing video.), Steve Jobs keynote address from Macworld New York , review of the Kodak mc3 (has QuickTime movie recording capabilities), review of VR Worx 2.1 for OS X" (tools for creating QuickTime VR panoramas, objects, and scenes).

July 10, 2001 - QuickTime Live conference, iShell (a multimedia authoring tool with great QuickTime support) and LiveStage Pro (the tool for creating interactive QuickTime movies) bundle, XMLtoRefMovie for creating a reference movie, QuickTime Creative Developers Group, MovieWorks Deluxe 5.1 (easy-to-use QuickTime-based content creation and multimedia authoring suite of tools, QTJukebox (lets you create playlists), QT File Converter (utility for converting between various multimedia file formats), interview with David Gratton (president of iciMedia, a company that's doing lots of interactive QuickTime stuff), tutorial on how to create media skins , Windows version of Sorenson Broadcaster, Sorenson Video 3 codec

July 3, 2001 - QuickTime 5.0.2 , basic version of the Sorenson Video 3 codec , AppleScripts for QuickTime 5.0.2, QuickTime 5.0.1available in multiple languages, Phil Schiller's keynote address from the Streaming Media West conference, VideoPlug version 1.2 (plug-in for RealBasic that allows access to QuickTime's video capture capabilities. )

June 26, 2001 - QuickTime Live conference announced, QuickTime's future and current place in the streaming market, Schiller and Casanova's presentation at the Streaming Media West Conference; version 5.01 of BTV Pro (capture and editing tool); iMovie 2.0.3 Updater; 6.01 updater for Premiere; CineStream 3.0.1b9 (used to be Radius EditDV--DV capture and editing plus "EventStream" authoring; QuickTime 5 book

June 19, 2001 - QuickTime independent from Apple argument; tutorial on integrating Flash and QuickTime; OS X version of SnapZ (for creating stills or QuickTime movies of what's happening on your Mac screen); SurroundPhoto system (captures 360-degree panoramas in a single shot; Applimac Slide Show 5.8; version 0.1d6 of Movie2MPEG (converts QuickTime movies or AVI files to MPEG1 system streams), Tribeworks iShell 2.2 (has extensive support for interactive control of QuickTime movies)

June 12, 2001 - how to create a QuickTime slide show with transitions using only native Mac OS X tools, tools for creating interactive QuickTime movies, MPEG-4's relationship to QuickTime; update to Virtual Composer page (for creating QuickTime music tracks); GoCubic (Windows tool for creating cubic QuickTime VR panoramas; workshops on creating interactive QuickTime movies; Helmut Dersch's web site (where he distributes his great PanoTools software) forced to close down because of nasty IPIX tactics

June 5, 2001 - ZyGoVideo codec for Windows and Mac (designed for low data rate streaming); LiveStage Professional 3, (Mac and Windows tool for creating highly interactive QuickTime movies).; version 5 of BTV (for QuickTime capture) and BTV Pro (for capture and editing); version 2.1.3 of Goldberg (freeware QuickTime viewer and image editor); Codec Calculator; release version of QuickTime Streaming Server 3; version 2.0.3 of Apple's Theater Mode extension (brightens movie playback in some applications when using an Apple Studio Display) ; version 1.3 of VideoScope (software for Macs which allows you to analyze and tweak an incoming video signal before digitizing, or to analyze an existing QuickTime movie); new versions of VideoScript for both Mac and Windows (tool that can be used to write scripts for processing video); QuickTime 5 book off to the printers

May 15, 2001 - QuickTime Streaming Server 3 Preview update; Windows beta version of Sorenson Broadcaster (for live streaming), Sorenson QuickTime streaming service, Worldwide Developers Conference QuickTime sessions, PresenterActive 2 ( slideshow creation tool , QuickTime Text Tracks (for creating a text track that's synchronized to your movie, NTV Tools Suite 1.1 (for creating interactive QuickTime movies and publishing them to a streaming server), why QuickTime is losing in the streaming media market

May 8, 2001 - iBook introduction, tutorial on converting QT audio track into an mp3, tutorial on captioning QuickTime, review of QuickTime 5, royalty free QT video clips, getting QuickTime 4.1.2

May 1, 2001 - downloads of QuickTime 5, QuickTime 5 new features, Microsoft's latest competitive tactics, introduction to QuickTime sprite tracks and LiveStage Pro, tutorialon using Cleaner 5 to add interactivity with EventStreams, SMIL (Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language) authoring tools (Fluition 1.5)

April 24, 2001 - QuickTime 5 released, video streaming market, Sorenson Video 3 codec, Windows version of Sorenson Broadcaster (stream live video from a Windows computer, MPEG-4 , Ben Waggoner compression workshops workshops on LiveStage Professional Interactive Video, QT Boot Camp conference in Germany, digital cameras that integrate QuickTime technology (can actually capture audio and video in the QuickTime format, MediaEdit (lets you add transitions, paint on movies and more), first Mac OS X application for stitching together images to create QuickTime VR panoramas

April 3, 2001 - information on the usage of the three major media architectures (QuickTime, Real, and Windows Media) & MPEG-4, MPEG-4's relationship to QuickTime, Terran team laid off, , summary of the different types of QuickTime tracks, QuickTime 5 in Mac OS X , QuickTime 5 and Mac OS X Seminar iMovie in higher ed, Live Channel (broadcaster and QuickTime Streaming server), review of VRWorx (tool for creating QuickTime VR movies), article on use of PhotoVista to create QuickTime VR panoramas, PuppetTime Producer (3D character animation program)

March 27, 2001 - LiveStage Pro tutorial (how to add sounds for rollovers and mouse clicks), review of Adobe Premiere 6, Mac OS X release (includes QuickTime 5, sans Sorenson 3 codec & media skins), new QuickTime unlock key, OS X versions of iTunes and iMovie;, Adobe products under OS X, OS X QuickTime applications (VideoScope and VideoFunHouse), demo version of HipFlics (compression tool)

March 20, 2001 - QuickTime vs. Java or Javascript, tutorial on creating rollovers using LiveStage Pro, realtime editing options (Matrox DV editing card, Adobe Premiere ), Final Cut Pro 2 (professional video editing tool), version 3.1 drivers for Igniter card to, Internet Explorer 5.5 for Windows problems with QuickTime plugin, iSlideShow (create slide show with transitions.)

March 13, 2001 - tips for editing video that will be streamed, tutorials on Cleaner 5, QuickTime's greatest competitive advantage: interactivity, VideoScript 2.0.10 (tool that can be used to write scripts for processing video), NTV Tools Suite 1.0 (for creating interactive QuickTime movies and publishing them to a streaming server), QuickTime 4.1.2 Patch for Windows,

March 6, 2001 -- Ben Waggoner workshop on Advanced Video Compression Using Cleaner 5 and QuickTime 5, gMovie Maker and gMovie Player (Palm OS movies), iMovie 2.0.3 Updater , iMovie won't be included in the March 24 release of OSX, How to Remove QuickTime 5 Public Preview, review of iDVD (consumer-level DVD creation tool), DVD Studio Pro (pro-level DVD creation tool) 1.0 FAQ , SuperCard 3.6.2, Hypnotizer.editor 1.0 is available (use to overlay interactive buttons and menus on movies), audio:box (system for converting audio to multiple streaming formats), CineStream (the current incarnation of EditDV – for capturing video, editing it, and adding interactivity), MPEG Charger (for creating MPEG movies).

February 27, 2001 - recorded talk shows on how to get the most out of Cleaner 5 and various strategies for dealing with large amounts of video that need to be delivered via the web, LiveStage Professional 3 (for creating complex interactive QuickTime movies), Sorenson shootout! page (shows how much better Sorenson 3 is than Sorenson 2), QuickTime Text Tracks 1.2 (Mac tool for creating a text track synchronized to your movie), article on using AppleScripts to make rolling titles for a movie (also has review of LiveSlideShow, the easy-to-use tool for creating interactive QuickTime slide shows), article on Wildform Flix (tool for creating a Flash version of a QuickTime movie), listing for our unfinished QuickTime 5 book at, BMUG demise

February 20, 2001 - QuickTime 5 Public Preview 3 (includes beta of Sorenson 3 codec), comparison of codecs (H.263, Sorenson 2, and Sorenson 3), free seminar on QuickTime VR, QuickTime compared to Real & Windows Media,TK3 Author (multimedia document authoring tool), Kodak mc3 Portable Multimedia Device (shoots QuickTime video, Steve Jobs keynote address from Macworld Tokyo, article on Sorenson Media Encoding Services

February 13, 2001 - Virtual Drummer 4.1.2(software-only drum machine), Generic Media Publishing Service (takes a master source file and makes it available in whatever format the end-user is prepared to view), QuickTime history/interview with Peter Hoddie, Entera and disappeareance, report on QuickTime 5, article on iMovie (Putting QuickTime Online), reviews of Cleaner 5 (compression and post-processing tool), review of
Premiere 6 , Apple marketing of QuickTime, Helmut Dersch's PTViewer (VR panorama and object movie viewer that doesn't require QuickTime)

February 6, 2001 - Steven Spielberg and Ron Howard video shorts streamed only in QuickTime, FrameBlender 2.0a5(use to blend together multiple frames from a video sequence to get a high-quality single still image), Premiere 6 Hardware Compatibility list, (web site that shows some of the interactive things you can do with QuickTime), PTViewer 1.9 (includes extension to view QuickTime VR cubic panoramas without QuickTime installed), iMovie article on Making QuickTime for the Web

January 30, 2001 -QuickTime Streaming Server 3 update, training on QuickTime Streaming and LiveStagePro, Alexander (authoring tool) contest, QuickTime 5.0b8, reviews of Cleaner 5 , articles on iMovie capture and editing, ImageViewer 5.4b1 (media management tool), Effects Pack #1 v1.5 (filters and transitions), Video Funhouse (alter live or stored video)

January 23, 2001 - Matthew Peterson's QuickTime 5 widgets (search function), QuickTime use/market analyses, QuickRef beta 0.62 (automates process of creating reference movies), Alexander (authoring tool), QTagger (generates embed tag), QTKeys 2.5 (music synthesizer), SoundScript 1.0.0(lets you have different sounds in a QuickTime movie play or loop individually under script control), slides from our SF Macworld talk, "Making Movies with the QuickTime Player".

January 16, 2001 - HipFlics (compression tool), Sorenson MPEG-4, CineStream (DV capture and editing plus EventStream technology for HREF tracks and chapters and more), Hypnotizer (for overlaying interactive buttons and menus on movies, LiveChannel (broadcaster and QuickTime Streaming server), (authoring of QuickTime Video Digitizing components, WinVDIG (allows capture of video into a QuickTime movie using Windows hardware), Pix Lite 1.1 (movie playing tool),Visual QuickStart Online Library (includes our QuickTime 4 book), keys for accessing Player's hidden editing features

January 9, 2001 - Steve Jobs' keynote at Macworld 2001 (introduction of iTunes, iDVD and DVD Studio Pro), Movieworks 5 (easy-to-use QuickTime-based content creation and multimedia authoring suite of tools), trial version of GoLive 5 (includes a very good QuickTime editor for creating HREF tracks, chapter lists, interactive movies and more), Kaidan motorized turntable (converts video stream of a spinning object into a QuickTime VR movie), iView MediaPro 1.0 (cataloging software), HipFlics (compression tool), QuickTimeInAWindow (QTIAW) Xtra for Macromedia Director 6 and later (brings up a QuickTime movie in a window), tutorial on combining Flash and QuickTime, article on QuickTime Player (covers adding chapter tracks and href tracks methods for adding interactivity, and creating a slideshow), QuickTime Streaming Server 3.

December 12, 2000 - Public Preview 2 of QuickTime 5 released, QuickTime 5.0 AppleScript Scripts, Adobe Premiere 6.0 released (comes with a limited version of the Cleaner 5 compression tool). Can also add HREF tracks for synchronizing movie playback with web page content, Widgets Page at the QuickTime Authoring for Education site , RealSystem iQ QuickTime PDF (details about when and how to stream QuickTime from a RealSystem Server), MPEG2Decoder (converts MPEG 2 files into QuickTime movies), Sorenson Broadcaster 1.1, Third Annual Book Bytes Awards ("QuickTime Pro 4 for Macintosh & Windows Visual QuickStart Guide" received award for Best QuickTime Book; Lisa Brenneis' "Final Cut Pro For Macintosh Visual QuickStart Guide" received award for Best Video Application Book), Internet Streaming Media Alliance (pushing open standards for streaming media on the internet)

December 5, 2000 - Video Bandwidth Estimator, article on streaming market, ideas about how Apple could up retail sales by exploiting QuickTime, iQT columns on QuickTime's interactive capabilities and LiveStage Pro, Slick Transitions & Effects (add-on to iMovie 2), ., Customizing MIME Type Assignments for QuickTime Plug-in, tutorial on creating cubic QuickTime VR panos using Bryce 4 , interactive QuickTime movie which lets you "punch" characters in the movie.

November 27, 2000 - Software updates (QMedia plug-in for 4D databases, QuickMovie shareware tool for creating QuickTime movies from a sequence of still images, 5.0.1 updater for Cleaner 5, QuickTimeTcl , VideoScript tool for writing scripts for processing video), overview of MPEG-4 , excerpts from David Pogue's book, "iMovie: The Missing Manual", tutorial series on Media Cleaner Pro.

November 13, 2000 - On2 TrueMotion VP3 codec for QuickTime, SingleReel (free QuickTime video hosting site), praises of QuickTime and the Mac, ici MediaQuickTime Streaming course, Sorenson Broadcaster beta page, reviews of SMIL editors for the Mac (GRiNS& Fluition)

November 7, 2000 - Aggressively Boring Film Festival , win Aurora Fuse or Igniter PCI video capture card, , QuickTime VR participatory project (Then and Now), Marlin Project (QuickTime Streaming Server for Mac OS 9),, SoundScript (tool that lets you have different sounds in a QuickTime movie play or loop individually under script control), serving movies with Mac OS X Server, article about LiveSlideShow (for creating QuickTime-based slide show), Tutorial titled, "Creating Text Tracks in QuickTime" , QTBridge (French QuickTime site), Avid ePublisher (synchronizes video with other elements on a web page).

October 31, 2000 - HotMedia 3.5 (can convert QuickTime movies into Java-based format), QuickTime 5 positive reviews, compatibility of Final Cut Pro and QuickTime 5 Public Preview, iPIX builder 4.1 exports in QuickTime VR cubic format, redesign of Apple's Quicktime web site (tutorials, badges, services), streaming server web sites disappeared (Marlin Project and, QuickTime 5 Public Preview available in French, German, Japanese, and English (UK)

October 25, 2000 - QuickTime labeled "best-in-class", Adam Wilt report on DV codec, QuickTime 5 interface humor, software updates (MakeCubicPPC, QuickTime Text Tracks, ImageDV, benchmarks comparing old and new versions of iMovie and QuickTime, review of LiveSlideShow , Windows Media vs. QuickTime

October 17, 2000 - Announcement of QuickTime 5 public preview version, new interface for Player, new version of Sorenson codec, component downloader; preview version of QuickTime Streaming Server 3, new DV codec, cubic QuickTime VR panoramas, Peter Hoddie (formerly senior QuickTime architect) starts Generic Media, QT4EDU (info about creating educational content using QuickTime), CoolStream (shareware QuickTime broadcasting application, how QuickTime is faring in the market, QTKeys (music synthesizer), Matsushita digital still camera (shoots 12 second QuickTime movies)

October 3, 2000 - BTV Edit (simple QuickTime capture and editing tool), QuickTime Authoring Tutorials page, CNN production using Apple technology

September 26, 2000 - iQT column on interactive (wired) QuickTime movies for web use, PowerBook firmware update (improves support for FireWire on PowerBooks with built-in FireWire ports), MPEG2 Decoder for Mac OS, easy beat 1.2 (Mac-only music composition), EditDV (DV editing tool) optimized for Apple's dual processor machines

September 19, 2000 - QuickTime and Mac OS X Public Beta, QuickTime 4's features and opinion about what QuickTime 5 should include, Apple's poor marketing of QuickTime, QuickTime used on Olympics websites, QuickTime used on Madonna's website, new iBooks include FireWire port and iMovie 2iMovie 2 purchase, redesign of Terran's website, LiveStage Pro 2.1 (for creating interactive QuickTime movies)

September 12, 2000 - Media Cleaner Pro 5 (tool for post-processing movies, new capabiities for capture and interactivity), XMLtoRefMovie 0.93 (for converting an XML description to a reference movie), article on using QuickTime for interactivity; Applescript for generating QuickTime styled text tracks created with Tex-Edit plus, Final Cut Pro QTM Reader version 1.2.6 (plug-in fixes problems with dropped frames in rendered scenes), Digital Origin's new version of its DV codec optimized for Apple's G4 multiprocessor Power Macintosh, Apple Expo in Paris, Totally Hip's LiveStage Pro version 2.1fc2 (for creating interactive QuickTime movies), web video tutorials, Etchelon Tracer version 3.7.1

September 5, 2000 - iShell version 2 (multimedia authoring tool), LiveStage 2.1fc1 updater, FinalChapter version 2.01(for adding and editing chapter list tracks), import component for the DICOM image format version 1.2.1, Steve Jobs' recent keynote address at the Seybold conference is available only as a RealVideo stream, Apple expo 2000 (the European version of Macworld), new tools from Totally Hip

August 29, 2000 - QuickTime 5 and Final Cut Pro 2., Clubs at SingleReel (video hosting site that will serve your streaming QuickTime movies for free), video streams from EDGE/IQTVRA Macworld meeting in July (show presentations by representatives from Panoscan, Kaidan, Canon, and VR Toolbox), Version 2.0.1 of SoundSaVR (for adding directional sound to QuickTime VR panos), version 2.5 of Apple's FireWire drivers for Mac OS 9 or greater, early registration discount offer for the QuickTime Live conference

August 22, 2000 - QuickTime's place in the market, tutorial on using Media Cleaner Pro, Aurora Video Systems' 24 fps video editing card (for filmmakers, works with Igniter card), version 3.03 of Igniter Drivers, iMovie Plug-in Pack 2 (additional Effects, Transitions, and Titles that will work from within iMovie), Version 2 of SoundSaVR (a tool for adding directional sound to QuickTime VR panos), QuickTime to stream music events

August 15, 2000 - GoLive 5 (web authoring tool. that has a QuickTime editor into it), Beta 9 of LiveSlideShow for Windows (easy-to-use tool for creating interactive QuickTime slide shows, ReelEyes (video capture application ) version 1.1.1, PhotoVista (for creating QuickTime VR panoramas on Windows computers, QuickTime VR tools for Windows (HotSpotCreator and VRConverter), new QuickTime codec (Jamby 263 , converting QuickTime movies so they appear to be 3D when viewed with appropriate glasses, version 1.1.2 of VideoScope ( software for Macs which allows you to analyze and tweak an incoming video signal before digitizing, or to analyze an existing QuickTime movie), tutorial on using Media Cleaner Pro, tutorials covering methods for dealing with QuickTime VR problems, Apple's lack of QuickTime marketing, review of iMovie 2 , Star Wars: Episode II to be streamed exclusively in QuickTime

August 8, 2000 - IntroDV MovieMate (Windows DV editing tool), Digital Origin DV software bundles, NBC's plans to stream parts of the Olympics, review of XLR8's Interview 2 (an inexpensive USB video capture card), review of iMovie 2 , version 1.2 of QuickTime import component for the DICOM image format, VideoScript 2.0b1 for Mac (for writing scripts for processing video; a Windows version is also available.)s lides from our Macworld NY talk, "Intro to QuickTime on the Web"

August 1, 2000 - QuickTime products from July's Macworld in New York City, Steve Jobs' Macworld keynote, version 2 of iMovie, 2.0.1 Update for iMovie, mailing list for iMovie users, comparison of iMovie with MovieShaker (the program that ships with Sony Vaio, version 4.7 of MovieWorks, Tex-Edit Plus 4.0 (a scriptable, styled text editor which has support for embedded QuickTime movies), version 2.0 of VRWorx (QuickTime VR creation tools), LiveStage , 2.1b19, final version of LiveSlideShow for Mac, Beta 7 of LiveSlideShow for Windows, Effects Pack #3, (QuickTime-based filters), SwingTime 1.03b (exports a series of images from a QuickTime VR panorama), QT JukeBox (AppleScript which allows Mac users to create and use playlists with the QuickTime Player, Totally Hip new QuickTime tools (including a compression tool), corrections page for the QuickTime for the Web book, PlayQT (new AppleScript-based program that allows the creation of playlists of your MP3 files), QuickTime 4 Movie Tracks (Movies within Movies documentation, Helmut Dersch's Editing Panoramic Images page (includes tutorial on using Panorama Tools, to insert text or images into a panoramic image that will be used to create a QuickTime VR panorama), (new virtual store where you can purchase hardware and software for creating QuickTime VR movies), Apple's home page contains a QuickTime movie, QuickTime movies of the ads for the new iMacs that were shown at Macworld, movies about installing components in the G4 cube and the G4, Apple's Hardware Gallery has self-playing (but user-controllable, too) QuickTime VR object movies with wired sprite controls, Vidvox Prophet (lets you control QuickTime via keyboard or external MIDI device), Videodelic video art synthesizer and sequencer, QuickTime coverage of the Republican and Democratic Conventions (reporter wears Xybernaut PC and streams from convention floor,)

July 2000 -- on vacation
June 27, 2000 - Macworld New York Conference QuickTime-related talks, Real's licensing of QuickTime, BTV View (shareware capture and playback software for the Mac and BTV Edit, iCanStream free software downloads (FreeDV, EditDV Unplugged, Media Cleaner EZ), MacUser UK review of EditDV 2.0, (webcasting via QuickTime Streaming), Rhino Handmade RFP for someone to create QuickTime streaming song player application, QuickTime VR object movies of Apple hardware products, SwingTime (exports a series of images from a QuickTime VR panorama), Pseudo QTVR (for displaying QuickTime VR panos using Shockwave/Director), Kaidan and MGI hardware and software kit for creating panoramas, version 2.2 of Aurora Video Systems' Igniter Drivers, Desktop Movies in Education web site

June 20, 2000 - QuickTime Live conference, Real's licensing of QuickTime, Version 1.6.1 of EditDV Unplugged (a FireWire capture and editing tool), Version 2.0 of FinalChapter (for adding and editing chapter list tracks), Version 2.1b16 of LiveStage Pro (for creating interactive QuickTime movies), Beta 10 of LiveSlideShow (easy-to-use tool for creating interactive QuickTime slideshows), Version 1.2 of QDesign's MVP (create, play, and manage MP3 and QDesign Music files), Version 3.41 of Play it Cool (a shareware Mac QuickTime movie player), Version 2.0 of MakeRefMovie (Apple's free tool for creating reference movies), VRBakersfield Tips and Techniques page (has procedure for creating QuickTime VR panos from images shot with an Olympus Digital 2500 images, using Photoshop and QuickTime VR Authoring Studio), ChoiceCaster (media player that plays back QuickTime, Real, and Windows Media files), is a web site where students can stream their QuickTime movies free of charge

June 13, 2000 - Real Networks licenses Apple's QuickTime Streaming Server to be incorporated into Real Server 8, "Ask, Tell, & Help" initiative, MacCentral article on Totally Hip's new distribution scheme for LiveSlideShow, Macintouch Reader Report on the QuickTime DV codec, Version 1 of the iPIX Support QuickTime Component, Apple and Terran bundle (Final Cut Pro, Media Cleaner Pro, the Developer Edition of the Sorenson Video codec, the Professional Edition of the QDesign Music Codec, Sorenson Broadcaster and Terran's "How to Produce High Quality QuickTime" guide), Marlin Project (port of the QuickTime Streaming Server for Mac OS 9)

June 6, 2000 - QuickTime for the Web book, commentary on QuickTime vs. RealSystem, Hands-on Report on the XLR8 Interview product, update of FireWire driver for Macs with FireWire, version 1.2.5 of Final Cut Pro, AppleScripts for QuickTime Player., tutorial on QuickTime for Java , article about scripting QuickTime, version 2.0.1 of the Darwin Streaming Server for Windows NT/2000 servers, Marlin Project (QuickTime streaming server that runs on the Mac OS 8.x or 9.x), article about the the Digital Hollywood conference in New York. , iShell (multimedia authoring tool), , free seminars in U.K. on QuickTime in Ed

May 30, 2000 - LiveStage Pro wins Apple Design Awards. Read an Apple Hot News article, "Winners Named for Apple Design Awards", Newer FireWire 2 Go enabler, QuickTime's future, RealSystem 8 plays QuickTime movies, comparison of Sorenson and Windows Media codec MPEG-4 , Media Cleaner Pro 4.0.3b3

May 23, 2000 - QuickTime in Kodak digital cameras, screenshots of the OS X QuickTime Player, free QuickTime streaming services on GuideCast, XLR8 InterView2 ($99 USB cable for capture), Global Village's VideoFX USB video capture device, Play it Cool 3.4 (shareware QuickTime movie player, Thing Detective (reports what QuickTime components are installed on a MacOS system)

May 16, 2000 - Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference, next version of QuickTime, Beta 7 of LiveSlideShow (easy-to-use tool for creating interactive QuickTime slideshows), compatibility problems with QuickTime 4.1.2 and Final Cut Pro, consulting team consisting of experts in LiveStage and LiveSlideShow, seminars on QuickTime streaming, Apple iServices professional consulting group to consult on QuickTime Streaming Server, new beta of LiveStage 2 (the tool for creating interactive QuickTime movies), version (2.1) of Aurora Igniter Drivers, Version 1.0.1 of FinalChapter 1.0.1 (for adding and editing chapter list tracks), articles (re. QuickTime installation, problems with the Plug-in, MIDI and the QTVR Xtra 2.0 for Director), iMac DV (with iMovie editing software) and Canon DV camera bundles at Wolf Camera

May 9, 2000 - version 2.0.1 of the QuickTime Streaming Server (QTSS) for Mac OS X server, Entera TeraCAST Pro (QuickTime streaming server), filmmakers using QuickTime, FinalChapter 1.0 (for adding and editing chapter list tracks, article about using Sorenson Pro, Version 3.8 of iView Multimedia ($25 shareware cataloging software), Rearden Technology merged with NuSpectra, version 5 of SiteCam (web cam software) and SiteZap (camera that can be remotely controlled via a browser), Strata Videoshop 4.5.1 (video editing software), iMovie downloads

May 2, 2000 - iMovie available as free download, QuickTime 4.1.2,Totally Hip's LiveSlideShow (for creating interactive QuickTime slide shows), Entera TeraCast server (QuickTime streaming server), new drivers for the Mac version of EditDV, what content developers want to see in QuickTime, Panopict (for adding graphics to QuickTime VR panoramas)

April 25, 2000 - QT-Chat (wired sprite QuickTime movie for doing text-based chatting); review of LiveStage 2.0; Final Cut Pro compatibility; SingleReel (video hosting site); QT.DK (new QuickTime web site); Olympus Camedia software (support for both QuickTime linear movies and QuickTime VR movies); OlympusC-3000 Zoom digital camera (can record short QuickTime movies with sound; usage of RealPlayer , Windows Media Player, and QuickTime; HTTP Streaming Transport in QuickTime 4.1.1 (ability to get through firewalls; QTVRMatte 1.0.2 (After Effects plug-in which imports QTVR panos)

April 18, 2000 - QuickTime 4.1.1 (bugs and new features); QT used for film festival Webcast"; LiveStage Pro, versions 2.1 and 3; QDesign Pro 2.1 (music codec); Olympus C-2020 Z digital camera (can shoot QuickTime movies); MediaEdit b5 ; Video Gogh After Effects plug-in version 2 (alters movies so they look like painted works of ar; version (2.0.3) of the Igniter Drivers.; updated drivers for RATOC CBFW2 PC card-based FireWire interface for PowerBooks; QTKeys 2.5 (music synthesizer

April 11, 2000 - QuickTime 4.1.1 released; (website to teach the basics of video streaming); How to Hijack QuickTime 4 Trailers; tips about QuickTime compression; Live Webcast from NAB ; 10 new channels, including ZDTV, added to QuickTime TV (QTV) network ; Targa Cine (High-Definition Video); RTMac (real-time DV editing on the Mac; Final Cut Pro 1.2.5 (can create reference movies); MediaEdit b4; QT JukeBox (create and use playlists with QuickTime Player 1.5 ; Etchelon Tracer 3.6.5, (vector-based morphing animation program that outputs as QuickTime; ReelSmart Motion Blur 1.5 (plug-in for After Effects ; released Streaming Media Calculator 1.5 (calculates bandwidth usage of your QuickTime stream; Sorenson Media compression services

April 4, 2000 - Avid ePublisher (capture, editing, compression/encoding, and publishing features; QuickTime streaming broadcast from NAB; new LiveStage Pro behavior for creating wired sprites that navigate to chapters; MAGpie (create text tracks); Thing Reporter 1.0.1 (Mac tool that displays list of installed QuickTime components; Terran's Media Cleaner Pro 4.0.3b2 (compression tool) ; Adobe Premiere DV plug-in 1.3; version (2.0.2) of Igniter Drivers; GoLive 5 (web authoring tool with movie editing functions; Echo Fire plug-in for After Effects and Photoshop (viewing of DV video on a video monitor, export DV movies out the FireWire port, using QuickTime Player Pro; Phillips TriMedia chips (dedicated media processors)

March 28, 2000 - Flashforward 2000 conference; Internet Explorer 5 for Macintosh; tutorial on using SMIL with QuickTime; Mac OS 9.0.4 (new FireWire extensions); hi-end options for Aurora Igniter video capture card; PTViewer (spherical panorama viewer); QuickTime team needs a new product manager; version 1.1 of easy beat ( use to compose music that can be exported as a QuickTime music track; version 1.0.1 of NodeSaVR (splits multi-node QuickTime VR panos into individual QuickTime movies and converts the QuickTime VR hotspots into URL hotspots

March 21, 2000 - QuickTime on the Web seminars; Final Cut Pro and Virtual Memory; Dynamic Digital Depth Inc. 's 3D QuickTime movies; QuickTime and DV for video capture, editing, and distribution; QuickTime 4.1: System Requirements for Windows 2000; MediaCue (plays QuickTime movies and catalogs them; Beta version 8 (1.0.0b8) of SoundScript (lets you have different sounds in a QuickTime movie play or loop individually under script control); beta 2 of conexs for the Macintosh (allows Macintosh users to place IP Phone and Chat calls over the internet)

March 14, 2000 -Rumors about the next version of QuickTime; version 2.0b2 of PanoTools; ; Styled Text Track Generator; new AppleScripts for the Mac QuickTime Player (one can generate an HTML embed tag for a movie, the other can generate a SMIL sequence of QuickTime movies); QT JukeBox, (create and use playlists with the QuickTime Player); SpeedTools and VCD-QuickTime; EditDV 2.0 for the Mac (video editing program optimized for the DV format); reviews of our QuickTime Pro 4 book on the Book Bytes page at My Mac Online.

March 7, 2000 - FAQ for QuickTime Talk email list; Mac DVD playback/QuickTime's lack of MPEG-2 support ; availability of QuickTime VR panoramas for licensing by Corbis Images; version 1.1 of Digital Origin's IntroDV for Windows (easy-to-use DV editing tool); WebShocker 2.0 ($40 animation tool that exports as QuickTime; how to add audio to still graphics; new characters, props, and stages for PuppetTime Producer (3D character animation program for creating QuickTime-based digital stories).

February 29, 2000 - Peter Hoddie's XMLtoRefMovie (for creating a reference movie from a text file); NodeSaVR (splits multi-node QuickTime VR panos into individual QuickTime movies and converts the QuickTime VR hotspots into URL hotspots); Wrinkle 2000 CD (QuickTime VR panoramas from around the world, shot in the first 24 hours of the year 2000); OS X QuickTime Player "screenshot" at MacOSRumors; Digital Island to use QuickTime; Apple events on making desktop movies and QuickTime streaming; iRez Zoomed-Video drivers; MacCentral article about Totally Hip; QuickTime for creating a slide show.

February 22, 2000 - MacCentral article about Totally Hip's LiveStage Pro; PuppetTime Producer 1.0.1; Targa 2000 version 3.1.1; beta patch for Strata VideoShop; version (1.2.2) of Igniter Drivers; version 1.0.3 of Effects Pack #2; site collection of short films; SightPath to offer QuickTime streaming services; Apple Tech Info Library articles on QuickTime 4 Installer Download; Sound Manager 3.6.3; iMovie Help, and FireWire Powerbooks

February 15, 2000 - PowerBooks with built-in FireWire ports; Terran Interactive Power Suite 4.0.2.; Apple's QuickTime Streaming Server 2 pages; iMovie 1.0.2 ; iMovie-related tech notes at Apple's Tech Info Library; BTV (AppleScriptable QuickTime capture software); VRtools' QTVRInfo plugin for QuickTime Player (shows the pan, tilt and zoom of a QuickTime VR 2.0 scene, and allows you to change the node and warp correction) ; audio/video encoding service; FlickTips (an extensive guide to creating high-quality web video).

February 8, 2000 - Peter Hoddie leaving Apple; Media Cleaner mailing list; Vancouver Film Schoolseries focusing on Canadian companies that make QuickTime tools; beta version of driver for miroMOTION DC30; BetterPlayer freeware movie playing application for the Mac OS that uses the standard controller; Entera kills ELSA (Entera Lightweight Streaming Application) Server and replaces it with TeraCAST Lite; Version 1.0 of NodeMedia (for adding directional sound, 3D models, transition effects and more to QuickTime VR movies); video e-mail greeting card site; article in Apple Tech Info Library on using QuickTime for Streaming MP3 Files; Video Converter Case analog to digital conversion product; wired QuickTime playback controls; Petition to Apple For A Linux QuickTime Player; QuickTime 4.1 URL Hot Spot Bug Workarounds page

February 1, 2000 - Stand-alone installers; QuickTime vs. RealPlayer, WindowsMedia; VideoGenetics Software (tool for enhancing the quality of QuickTime video; beta versions of VideoScript 1.9 (for writing scripts for processing video.); patch (for MacOS) that puts the Player back into a normal window; Adobe Premiere DV plug-in; version 1.8.4 of Aurora Fuse Drivers; beta version 1.0.0b6 of SoundScript (that lets you have different sounds in a QuickTime movie play or loop individually under script control); QT Transcripter; Wrinkle 2000 collection of QuickTime VR panos shot within the first 24 hours of the new century by QTVR enthusiasts worldwide; people that helped create QuickTime

January 25, 2000 - Apple released QuickTime 4.1 (changes include support for SMIL , JavaScript, VBR Audio, M3U, AppleScript, files greater than 2 gigabytes, new QTVR controller buttons ), Tech Info Library articles on QuickTime 4.1 and QuickTime Streaming Server 2.0, articles at MacWEEKand MacFixit on QuickTime 4.1, five new independent film and music channels added to the QuickTime TV network, daily stream of "Super Week", Version 2.0b1 of Panorama Tools, alpha version of MediaCue

January 18, 2000 - QuickTime Streaming Server (QTSS) 2.0, new drivers for iREZ Kritter USB camera for the Macintosh, version 4.6 of MovieWorks, beta 18 of Entera's free ELSA (Entera Lightweight Streaming Application) Server for serving streaming QuickTime movies. , Version 4.7b5 of OnTheAir Home Studio for MacOS (a music-playing application, which uses QuickTime for its mp3 playback), MacCentral article"Nike's interactive ad campaign uses QT, LiveStage Pro" , Apple's financial performance, , review of Electrifier Pro, review of EditDV, slides from our QuickTime Pro 4 on the Web Macworld SF talk

January 11, 2000 - Little QuickTime Page moving to, Steve Jobs' keynote from Macworld conference; USB capture devices (Eskape Labs MyVideo, AVerMedia MicroSystems iMaxEdit , Global Village VideoFX, Video Blaster WebCam Go, XLR8 InterView2), other capture products (Orange Micro OrangeLink FireWire Series, Formac's ProTV), UPresent and UGather Mac-based presentation and multimedia database tools, respectively, offering QuickTime streaming services, Adobe Velocity Engine plug-in for After Effects version 4.1, Apple redesign of QuickTime Tools and Utilities page (new tools for RTSP streaming), ProMax DV ToolKit with DVPlus (replacement DV codec) FireWire extensions for the Mac OS updated to version 2.2.2; SiteCam version 4.2, PuppetTime Producer 1.0, Etchelon Tracer 3.6.1, Aurora Video Systems Igniter Drivers version 1.2.1, 2.0.1 updater for Totally Hip's Live Stage Pro, NY Times article with info about QuickTime market share.


December 21, 1999 - AppleScriptable QuickTime Player 4.1, Beta 1 of VRHotWires (a tool which attaches actions to QuickTime VR hot spots), Final Cut Pro version 1.2 (video editing software), MVP 1.1 (to create, play, and manage MP3 and QDesign Music files), OneApp Slide Show version 5.2 (shareware presentation tool that can create QT movies that can be distributed as standalone applications), iView Multimedia version 3.7.1 (cataloging software that can handle many file types, including QuickTime), SoundSpinner MP3 (MP3 player and Album manager for QuickTime 4 that plays music files in MP3, AIFF and other file formats)

December 14, 1999 - Reregistering QuickTime Pro after Mac OS 9 installation, Aurora Fuse and Igniter capture cards, importing IPTC files into most QuickTime-aware applications, Media Cleaner Pro version 4.0.2, Version 1.5 of SoundJam MP (a tool that converts from QuickTime and other formats to MP3), broadcast of Steve Jobs' January 5th keynote at Macworld 2000, (directory to a very large number of audio and video clips in a variety of formats), possibility of Apple spining off QuickTime.

December 7, 1999 - QuickTime Player patch so movies appear in a window with a normal title bar, FinalCut 1.2, report on QuickTime Live conference, (has After Effects tutorial and review of Digital Origin's RotoDV), 1.0.1 updater for iMovie, iMac DV and iMovie demos, iVideo (suite of tools to enable "live panoramas")

November 30, 1999 - Mars Polar Landing broadcast, MegaSeg (to dynamically set up and mix a list of MP3 or QuickTime sound files), Aurora Fuse card discussion list, QuickTime 4 gets Technical Innovation Award (TINA), SoundScript Version 1.0.0b4 (lets you have different sounds in a QuickTime movie play or loop individually under script control), VRHotWires alpha 5.5 (attaches actions to QuickTime VR hot spots)

November 23, 1999 - iMovie discussion list, MacInTouch FireWire Guide, QuickTime-related sessions at January 2000 Macworld Expo San Francisco, Microspot Renderer (new QuickDraw 3D™ plug-in renderer that can be used with QT 3D track),Simple QTPlaylist (for creating list of sound files that can be played one after the other), MacTV version .81 (client application for viewing Cisco's IP/TV video streams and other streams), PTStitcher version 1.9.2 (freeware stitching utility that creates a panoramic image to be viewed with all major VR viewers), Play it Cool Version 3.35 (shareware QT movie player), SoundScript version 1.0.0b2 (lets you have different sounds in a QuickTime movie play or loop individually under script control), Mac OS X Developer Preview 2 (with screen shot of movie playing application)

November 16, 1999 - QuickTime Live Conference, QuickTime 4.1 preview (support for SMIL, an AppleScriptable Player, VBR MP3, better firewall support), QuickTime Streaming Server 2.0 preview, CNN to use QuickTime to stream news reports, Oracle database products for storing, streaming and indexing movie data, Novell caching server for live QuickTime streams, Media Cleaner Power Suite (includes Ultra BlueICE PCI hardware board, Media Cleaner Pro 4, Sorenson Video 2 Developer Edition,Pro version of QDesign Music Codec 2), version 2 of iShell multimedia authoring tool, CyberMovie QuickTime Module of GoLive 4 (fixes a G4 bug), Version 1.2 of the Troi Grabber Plug-in for FileMaker (to grab a still image from a video source directly within FileMaker), version 1.0.3 of Escape Information Services' QuickTime import component for the DICOM image format, VideoScript 1.8.2 (to write scripts for processing video), Avid discontinuing Avid Cinema, Findings of Facts for the Microsoft anti trust case, using QuickTime in Flash

November 2, 1999 - LiveStage Professional (for authoring interactive QT content), version 2.1 of the Sorenson Video Developer Edition codec (optimized for G4 and MMX), Etchelon Tracer version 3.5 (vector-based morphing animation program that outputs as QT), Version 3.33 of Play it Cool (shareware QuickTime movie player), beta 16 of ELSA (Entera Lightweight Streaming Application) Server, for serving streaming QuickTime movies (versions for Linux on x86, FreeBSD on x86, Windows NT/98, or Solaris SPARC, new drivers for Aurora Designs' Igniter card, FireWire discussion list, updated QuickTime VR Authoring pages at Apple, Vancouver Film School Streaming Media site (VFS Live), Soundscript 1.0.0b1f (to have different sounds in a QuickTime movie play or loop individually under script control, VRHotWires alpha 2 (attaches actions to QTVR hot spots), MacWeek blurb about QuickTime Live conference, slams at Apple's current user interfaces, QuickTime TV criticism, QT at EduCause '99, RealMedia's privacy intrusions

October 26, 1999 - QuickTime VR survey; QuickTime interactivity article; MVP (create, play, and manage MP3 and QDesign Music files); Version 1.5 of DeFish (dewarps fisheye images; Version 0.1d5 of Movie2MPEG (converts QuickTime movies or AVI files to MPEG1 system streams); EditDV updates; IntroDV editing software; The VRWorx (for creating QuickTime VR panoramas, objects, and scenes); Digital Media Remote; iMac DV and Canon Ultura for $2,000; iMovie review; Media Cleaner Pro review; After Effects discussion list

October 19, 1999 - Adobe Premiere 5.1c; Video Gogh QuickTime Effect plug-in (alters movies so they look like painted works of art; Movie2MPEG Version 0.1d4; version 1.0.1 of QuickTime import component for the DICOM image format; update of the Media 100 software (to version 5.5.3) for PowerMac G4s; Electrifier Inc.focusing on RealNetworks products in their latest endeavors; Effects Pack #2 (QuickTime-based filters); beta version of Info for Movie (AppleScript extension that allows AppleScript to read QuickTime movie data); Fuse Drivers (1.8.3); tech note about iMovie; QuickTime Gazette new address

October 12, 1999 - Mediabase Broadband Media Server Version 4.0 with support for QuickTime 4 streaming; version 1.2 of iShell multimedia authoring program; iMovie's features; technotes about iMovie; overview of what you need to do to broadcast your own video; beta update to VideoShop 4.5

October 5, 1999 - New iMac DV with built-in FireWire; FreeBSD version of ELSA (Entera Lightweight Streaming Application) Server, for serving streaming QuickTime movies; QuickTime Player User Interface; MVP (create, play, and manage MP3 and QDesign Music files); Etchelon Tracer version 3.1.2; PTStitcher (freeware panorama stitching utility) version 1.9.1; technote re. changes made in QuickTime 4.0.3

September 28, 1999 - QuickTime RTSP servers for Windows 98/NT and Sun Solaris; Akamai; Avid Cinema Version 1.3.1; SoundsaVR 1.2; Version 3.37 of Play it Cool; PuppetTime beta 3. Photoshop 5.5 Tour and Training Update; 4.1 version of Adobe After Effects; final version of easy beat (for composing QuickTime music tracks)

September 21, 1999 - Ben Waggoner's "Making Great Web Video" article; wrinkle in time 2000; version 4.5 of MovieWorks authoring tool; iShell Network home page; EditDV Unplugged 1.6; Flintstones "Saturday Night Fred" (interactive cartoon); The VRWorx (Mac and PC package containing tools for creating QuickTime VR panoramas, objects, and scenes); Brennan Young's Lingo Audio Panning Example using QuickTime Wired Sprites page; About QuickTime Streaming Server 1.0.2 article

September 13, 1999 - QuickTime 4.0.3; Sorenson Broadcaster (for live QuickTime broadcasting); QuickTime Live! conference; Apple's new PowerMac G4; QuickTime's presence at Seybold conference; opinion piece about QuickTime by Matthew Rothenberg; version 1.0.2 of QuickTime Streaming Server; LiveStage Professional (for creating interactive QuickTime movies); Video Gogh (can alter photographic stills and video so they look like painted works of art; PTStitcher, (freeware stitching utility) ; Macsourcery BarbaBatch 3.0; SoundJam 1.1; Etchelon Tracer 3.1.2; Video Finesse plug-ins for Adobe Premiere version 2.0; PuppetTime beta 2; QuickEditor 6.3.2; QuickTime import component for the DICOM image format.; DeFish; KritterUSB camera; Aurora Design Igniter card; Final Cut Pro 1.0.1: PowerBook Support article; Customizing MIME Type Assignments for the QuickTime Plug-in; QuickTime Error Messages On Startup; Finding the VFOV Parameter of a Lens; Simulating QTVR Scenes on the Web Using PlugInHelper or ConVRter; QuickTime Pro 4: A Visual QuickStart Guide

August 1999: Little QuickTime Page was on hiatus during this month

July 27, 1999 - Steve Jobs' Macworld Expo keynote; Premiere of QuickTime TV; Made with QuickTime web badge; beta (11) of Sorenson Broadcaster; QuickTime 4.0.2; Version 1.8 b2 of Panorama Tools; version 5.1b of Adobe Premiere; VideoScript 1.7; version 1.02 of Electrifier Pro; EditDV 1.6.1; MVP (lets you create, play, and manage MP3 and QDesign Music files); e-Pan (360 degree panoramic camera integrated with a Pentium computer)

July 20, 1999 - iRez Webcam at Macworld; rumored announcements for Macworld; sponsoring the development of Panorama Tools; MediaPress MPEG encoder (batch transcoding of QuickTime to MPEG); LiveStage Professional 2.0; Electrifier price drop; NodeMedia authoring tool for for creating VRScripts; QDesign Music play back on a portable device (conversion between MP3 and QDesign Music 2 files; AT&T a2b secure music format (an alternative to MP3) will work inside the QuickTime architecture; ; version 1.0.1 of Final Cut Pro; Jim Heid's After Effects 4 Expert Clinic; Studio Artist from Synthetik (can paint or rotoscope QuickTime video frame by frame automatically)

July 13, 1999 - Stand-alone QuickTime 4 installer; version 1.0.1 of the QuickTime Streaming Server; review of Avid Cinema for Macintosh with USB; Version 1.8 b2 of Panorama Tools; Version 1.2 of DeFish program (which dewarps fisheye images so they can be used for QuickTime VR among other things); Version 3.1 of Etchelon Tracer 3 (shareware animation tool); Tex-Edit Plus 2.6 (a scriptable, styled text editor) support for embeddedQuickTime movies; vote for your favorite streaming video player; QuickSpeech (looks at a text file and uses Mac OS Text-to-Speech and then records the results into a QuickTime movie; RotoDV (digital painting and special effects tool); comparison of various player technologies for immersive imaging playback, QuickTime VR included; Firewire connection for a PowerBook G3; new resource page for QuickTime VR at the EDGE site; Remap (high field-of-view immersive imaging, and the use of fisheye lenses for panoramic photography); live QuickTime broadcast of the Eurythmics

July 6, 1999 - Version 4.0 of Media Cleaner Pro; dewarping fisheye images; e-mail discussion list re. using fisheye lenses for panoramic imaging; Service Directory ; ReelEyes (Macintosh video capture application); Hint Movie CMPlugin (contextual menu plugin for hinting QuickTime movies for ; Version 2.1 of Commotion (high-end effects tool); QuickTime 4 Support For TIFF File Format; QuickTime Streaming Server Performance and Requirements; CPU Ratings for alternate movies.

June 29, 1999 - update to QuickTime 4; CD version of QuickTime installer; ISP's that offer QuickTime 4 streamimg; Sorenson Broadcaster beta 6; articles from Apple's Tech Info Library (Final Cut Pro, QuickTime Streaming Server); InterView version 1.0.1; SnapZ Pro 2 (screen capture); version 2.1 of Apple's FireWire software; SmartVideo 0.8 (shareware program for capturing QuickTime video to RAM); QuickMP3 (Mac shareware tool for playing MP3 files)

June 22, 1999 - QuickTime 4 book available in August; articles from Apple's Tech Info Library (Installing Onto Non-English Systems, Web Install Issues;SiteCam 4.0 (Webcam software); easy beat (music authoring tool) in beta; public beta release (B68) of The VRWorx software (tools for creating QuickTime VR panoramas, objects, and scenes); VR Toolbox to provide 60 days of free technical support to owners of RoundAbout Logic's Nodester and Widgetizer products; QuickTime 101 page (links to QuickTime resources and QuickTime foreign language examples); QuickTime for Java book; Apple lays off QuickDraw 3D programming staff ;public beta of a QuickTime import component for the DICOM image format; new drivers (v 3.1) for the Truevision Targa 2000 video capture cards; Version 3.0.1 of Etchelon Tracer 3 (animation tool); new versions of Video Finesse plug-ins for Adobe Premiere; new beta drivers for InterView (Mac USB video capture product)

June 15, 1999 - QuickTime 4 released; over 600,000 downloads in less than a week of the released Windows version of QuickTime 4 from; commentary on design of QuickTime Player; Apple Tech Info Library article,QuickTime 4: Not Compatible With Avid Cinema 1.2.2b; SnapZ Pro 2 (screen capture); version 1.4b3 of QuickMP3 (Mac shareware tool for playing MP3 files); new versions of drivers for the iREZ Capsure and Kritter cards; beta version of P-in-P (Mac shareware that can display a QuickTime movie in a window that's always on top of other applications); new beta drivers for MiroMotion cards; version 2.0 of the AX QuickTime Kit(cross-platform QuickTime and QuickTimeVR support in mTropolis 2.0); VideoScript 1.6 (write scripts for processing video); VR object movie for "The Spy Who Shagged Me"

May 25, 1999 - QuickTime 4 b24; Director 7.02 (supports QuickTime 4 Streaming cast members); equipment for doing QuickTime VR; QuickTime Streaming Server articles from Apple's Tech Info Library; report on Final Cut Pro and playback of DV movies; Apple using Star Wars to bloster QuickTime interest; number of QuickTime 4 downloads; PuppetTime Producer; download point for early Linux x86 version of Apple's Darwin Streaming Server; IPIX QuickTime Component

May 18, 1999 - Keynote from Apple's WorldWide Developers Conference; Apple Plugs QuickTime at WWDC; Weather Channel as a QuickTime 4 stream; article on what's new in QuickTime 4, as well as how QuickTime 4 stacks up as a streaming technology; Tech Info Library article titled "QuickTime 4: Common Issues After a Basic Install"; marketing of QuickTime; Ken Turkowski's QuickTime VR site; FireWire Watch page; update to the Media 100 qx and qxc software; QDesign Music Codec 2 for QuickTime 4 page (comparisons to MP3, Real Audio, MS Audio; Indeo 5

May 11, 1999 - Sorenson Broadcaster (live streaming tool); Paddle (converts series of server-pushed JPEG images into QuickTime movies; soundSaVR with support for MP3 and RTSP streaming; list of everything that's new in QuickTime 4; Worldwide Developers Conference keynote in Real Video G2 format; South Park movie trailer; listen to National Public Radio (NPR) using QuickTime 4 streaming; Media 100 buying Terran; demo version of TrueMotion 2X compressor; beta 22 of QuickTime 4

May 4, 1999 - Plug-in Helper (allows you to insert plug-in settings and URLs in a movie); Shakespeare (helps write scripts for LiveStage; QuickMP3( create a play list of MP3 files; OneApp CineSlider (create movies that can be distributed as standalone applications; VideoScript 1.5 (write scripts for processing video); Silly SAP Client (listens for announcements of video and/or audio being broadcast over the MBone); (TV Guide for QuickTime movie); Star Wars trailer reaches over 10 million downloads; review of Final Cut Pro; HyperCard; Igniter car; QuickTime-related articles from Apple's Tech Info Library (Web playback, Pro codes, Windows 95/98 installation, MIME types, unistalling QT4 , what's installed, opening multiple movies

April 27, 1999 - LiveSite (unofficial LiveStage site); PuppetTime Director renamed PuppetTime Producer; Tech Info Library Articles on QuickTime 4 (troubleshooting, streaming, MP3,reasons to upgrade, Windows 98 support, Final Cut Pro); QuickTime 4 in the Media;Flash and QuickTime 4 page at Macromedia; QuickTime Streaming Sample Movies; Avid stops development of Mac versions of their software

April 20, 1999 - QuickTime 4 Preview Release; Sorenson Broadcaster (live QuickTime streaming);Final Cut Pro; Media Cleaner Pro 4.0; NAB; Premiere 5.1a; QuickTime for Java (b7);Aurora Design Fuse Drivers (1.8.1); Media 100 software (5.5); Etchelon Tracer 2; Canon's Elura Sweepstakes; Panorama Tools page back up; Sacred Worlds web site

April 13, 1999 - International QuickTime VR Association's "QuickTime VR Tools Awareness" ; Panorama Tools site, temporarily down because IPIX threatening legal action; freezes when opening MoviePlayer on Windows; rumors and guesses about the future of QuickTime; EditDV for Windows; RotoDV and RotoWeb; Transition Maker; beta 6 of QuickTime for Java

April 6, 1999 - revolVR (VR panos & object movies rotate automatically); review of Electrifier Pro; QuickTime's future; bug between File Exhange and QuickTime; report on Commotion 2.0 (high-end effects tool); article about the Apple FireWire 2.0 software ; G3 bundle for education (includes Avid Cinema software and XClaim VR card; BMUG closes office

March 30, 1999 - new version of the Apple FireWire software, QuickTime for Java, Spritz update, PuppetTime Director, Aurora Fuse card drivers, miroMOTION DC30plus card drivers, article talking about how the Star Wars trailer is a big boost for QuickTime

March 16, 1999 - QuickTime for Java, trailer for Star Wars: Episode I was released last week. You can see high-quality QuickTime versions at the Star Wars: Episode I trailer page, MacOS X Server to include QuickTime Streaming Application, article on Final Cut, Targa 1000 (Mac and Windows NT) and Targa 2000 drivers, software updates (LiveStage, VideoScript, QuickEditor for Mac OS, Digital Origin driver update that allows you to use EditDV with the new blue G3), QTVR Tips and Tricks page and list of QTVR-related links, QTVR calculator (for cropping panos)

March 9, 1999 --"How to Produce High-Quality QuickTime" article, Spritz , QuickTime Sprites Samples page, screen shots of what are reported to be new QuickTime 4 icons, Aurora Igniter card ($1300 high-quality capture card for Macs only), Apple student contest, VideoScript trial version for Mac OS, rumored ship dates for Final Cut , movie trailers for this year's Oscar nominees, Panorama Tools update, illustrated guide for configuring MyVidCap for capturing DV on a B&W G3 via firewire.

March 2, 1999 - examples of interactive QuickTime movies, Iomega support page concerning the incompatibility of the Buz capture card with the new blue G3 Macs, QuickTime mailing lists, QuickTime 3 Movie Trailers page, review of Electrifier Pro, VideoScope update, live chat at World Without Borders

February 23, 1999 - GoLive 4.0, overview of QuickTime 4 , overview of Firewire on Macs., US vs. Microsoft trial and the QuickTime connection, QuickTime clips of events at Macworld Tokyo, very wide field-of-view QuickTime VR files, MovieWorks updater , Spritz (to create interactive QuickTime movies)

February 16, 1999 - Plug-in updater for Internet Explorer 4.5 Macintosh (installs version 2.01 of the QuickTime plug-in), how to get from a QTVR panorama image to a VRML file, Indeo 4.4 codec for Macintosh, rumors (about Final Cut Pro and QuickTime 4), QuickTime 3 effects and transitions, Adobe After Effects 4.0

February 9, 1999 - Spritz (to create interactive QuickTime movies), LiveStage seminars, new drivers for the Aurora Fuse card, new software for the VideoVision PCI video capture card, VideoScript upgrade, Bay Area QuickTime VR Association meeting (Abvent presents QuickTime-based authoring tool, BeHere demos updated version of mirror lens for shooting panos in one shot), Robert Morgan on the idea of "QuickTime on a chip", QuickTime products that won Hyper Awards from NewMedia Magazine(QuickTime 3.0 for streaming media, Terran's Media Cleaner Pro for video utility, QDesign Music codec for Web audio, Barbabatch for audio utility), QuickTime movie previews

February 2, 1999 - QuickTime/FireWire based camcorder, BarbaBatch wins Electronic Musician magazine "Editors' Choice" award, Apple web page for new MIDI devices, new tech notes from Apple concerning video capture (export difficulties with certain Sony FireWire devices, problems that result when one has an extra PCI video capture card in one of the new blue G3s, connection issues with blue G3s and FireWire DV devices), software updates (ConVRter, QuickEditor for Mac OS, Play it Cool, OneApp CineSlider, VideoScript, ,Panorama Tools)

January 25, 1999 - LiveStage 1.0 (for creating interactive movies), educational pricing of $50 on SoundsaVR (for adding directional sound to QuickTime VR panos), After Effects 4.0, QuickTime 4.0, CapSure video capture card $100 (for 2400, 3400 or G3 Powerbooks)

January 19, 1999 - Aurora Fuse card price drop (high quality video capture card for PCI-based Macs) and software driver update, Electrifier Pro version 2.0 (for creating interactive QT movies), Bay Area QuickTime VR Association meeting (Tribeworks presents iShell), Version 2.0 of Sorenson Video (web video codec), Terran article on "How to Produce High-Quality QuickTime", QuickTime 4.0 rumors, AppleQuickTime 3 ads, slides from our Macworld SF talk ("Doing QuickTime Right")

January 12, 1999 - New PowerMacintosh G ("the blue G3" with built-in Firewire connection), Final Cut Pro (video editing and compositing software), Indeo 4.4 codec for the Mac, Radiusincluding Adobe Premiere 5 LE with MotoDV (digital video capture solution) , new version of EditDV Unplugged software, Radius name change to Digital Origin Inc., After Effects 4, CineKit (QuickTime movie creation tool ), VRTools deliVRator (for testing the streaming of QuickTime movies and optimizing movies for better "streaming"), MovieWorks update, Beta 5 of VR SceneWorx (QuickTime VR multinode scene creation software), Version 1.0 of PanoTouch (Photoshop plug-ins for Mac for touching up QTVR panos), Panorama Tools 1.5 for both Macintosh and Windows (freeware tool for touching up QTVR panos), Rearden TechnologySiteCam 3.0 webcam software, QTSpeed version 1.0.1 (switches your QuickTime Connection speed based on your settings in Location Manager), Version 3.0 of Truevision Targa software for the Mac OS, Media Cleaner Pro 3.1.2 Updater, Version 6 of QuickEditor (Mac and Windows $35 shareware QuickTime editing tool, Version 1.0.3 of VideoScope (for analyzing and tweaking an incoming video signal before digitizing), Tribeworks announcement that they'll provide iShell authoring tool for free to those who are willing to forego customer support., new web page "QuickTime Virtual Reality for Educators and Just Plain Folks", Sacred Worlds Project (showcases the work of 40 artists from 13 countries and has a variety of different QuickTime VR movies utilizing QuickTime 3), Apple's new made-for-the-web commercial starring HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey, Chapter List Maker tool retired


December 15, 1998 - Steve Jobs announces QuickTime 4.0 to be released at the MacWorld conference in January, T.A.G. Editor for QuickTime (create chapter lists, static or scrolling text tracks, and HREFTracks, encode QT movies as RealMedia or NetShow, Roundabout Logic holiday deal on QTVR panorama software, VR Toolbox's QTVR multinode scene creation software, first issue of "Quick Times" (International QuickTime VR Association's new e-zine), article comparing VR technologies.

December 8, 1998 - Electrifier Pro (first "wired sprite" tool), new versions (2.5) of MyVidCap and MyVidEditor (shareware apps for capturing and editing video on the Mac), Version 1.2.1 of the AX QuickTime Kit (for cross-platform QuickTime and QuickTimeVR support in mTropolis 2.0), SDxstream (high-end video capture and editing solution for Windows NT), eMediaWeekly article on VideoShop 4.5 (editing tool that supports QuickTime music 3D, and text tracks; support for FireWire and QuickTime 3), macchat article about using QuickTime as a Web music tool.

December 1, 1998 - Robert Morgan on the future of QuickTime 4 and set-top boxes, Version 5.0 of the Mac version of the Media 100 software; Version 1.7.1 of Spike (batch movie analyzer), Version 1.2.3 of VideoScript (can write scripts for processing video), QuickEditor 1.7 for Windows (shareware QuickTime editor),demo version of PanoTouch (Photoshop plug-ins for touching up QTVR panos), QuickTime-based PR for A Bug's Life (movie trailer as QT movie, QuickTime VR object movies of the animated characters, etc.)

November 24, 1998 - Beta of version 3 of Rearden's SiteCam webcam software, VR Toolbox competitive upgrade (QuickTime VR pano or object tools for $39.99 if you fax in proof of ownership of a competing QuickTime VR authoring program), VR Toolbox public beta of Scene Worx (for creating multi-node VR scenes), Version 2.5 of BarbaBatch (batch audio processing software), eMediaWeekly article concerning Final Cut, version 1.1.3 of software for miroMOTION DC30plus, WebTools article comparing QuickTime VR to LivePicture, and Apple's QuickTime VR Authoring Studio to LivePicture's Reality Studio.

November 17, 1998 - Avid Cinema for Windows ($139 consumer-level video editing system, Radius MotoDV (hardware and software package for DV capture) to include PhotoDV (DV still-image capture software), free preview version of EditDV Unplugged DV editing software for Windows, Mac version of EditDV to ship with the EZ Version of Terran's Media Cleaner Pro 3, Version 1.0 of the Troi Grabber Plug-in (lets you grab a still image from a video source directly within FileMaker), Differencer (QuickTime 3 effects filter that makes mask movies of the differences between frames), Version 5.7 of the Mac version of QuickEditor (shareware QuickTime editor) is shipping, white paper re problems with QuickTime and Internet Explorer under Windows, commentary about the timing of the Microsoft fix for QuickTime, info and rumors about the streaming version of QuickTime

November 10, 1998 - DeBabelizer Pro for Windows (extensive QuickTime support, Panorama Tools Version 1.5 beta 3 for both Macintosh and Windows (for creating and tweaking panoramic images so they can be used to create QTVR panos), DevelopWare QTVRXtra (for using QTVR movies in Director), version 4.1 of Interactive Solutions' MovieWorks (an inexpensive QuickTime-based multimedia tool which supports many QuickTime 3 features), Version 1.2 of the AX QuickTime Kit (for cross-platform QuickTime and QuickTimeVR support in mTropolis 2.0, version 1.1.2 of software for MiroMotion DC30plus card, Aurora Fuse™ Drivers version 1.5, Tribeworks iShell (new cross-platform authoring and delivery tool with extensive QuickTime and QuickTime VR support, MTI MovPlayer, (lets you play some QuickTime movies on a PalmPilot), $30 shareware set of QuickTime 3 effects and transitions, Mystic Movie Player ($10 shareware movie-playing application), info on the Microsoft DOJ trial and the question of whether Microsoft tried to sabotage QuickTime, ZDNet article about QuickTime streaming

November 3, 1998 - QuickTime angle on the DOJ case against Microsoft, LiveStage (provides access to QuickTime 3's interactive features), overview article about QuickTime 3 for Windows, review of Aurora Design's Fuse video card at MacInTouch, Apple Tech Info article,"Mac OS 8.5: Obtaining QuickTime 3 Pro Upgrade Key", eMediaweekly article about VR Toolbox (QuickTime VR products), free update to Apple's QuickTime VR Authoring Studio, soundSaVR version 1.1, updater to VideoScript (update 1.2 to 1.2.1), upgrade to Premiere 5.1, Version 5.6 of the Mac version of QuickEditor (a shareware QuickTime editor)

October 27, 1998 - Kaidan large object rig & Macintosh software to control the KodakÆ DCS camera family, Panorama Tools Version 1.5 beta0 (plug-in for Graphics Converter & Photoshop for creating and tweaking images so they can be used to create QTVR panos), site with trial versions of new VR tools for Windows, VR PanoWorx and VR ObjectWorx (QuickTime VR panorama and object software) for Mac, QuickTime VR and Live Picture panoramas shot with a prototype digital panoramic camera, QuickTime Gazette poll ("What's the biggest impediment to the acceptance of QuickTime 3.0 on the Windows platform?"), Media Cleaner 3.1, Premiere 5.1, Adobe After Effects 4, VideoScope software for Mac G3s (to analyze and tweak video signal or to analyze an existing QuickTime movie)

October 20, 1998 - Apple Tech Info article about upgrading to the QT3Pro under OS 8.5, Microsoft's anti-QuickTime tactics, trial versions of a couple of new VR tools, Radius EditDV, QuickTime Compared to Other Technologies, Play it Cool 3.1.1 movie player

October 13, 1998 - Troi Grabber Plug-in for FileMaker (grab a still image from a video source directly within FileMaker), Apple isn't making QuickTime a priority, Bay Area QTVR Association meeting & digital panoramic camera, OneApp Cineslider (to create self-playing QT movies, T.A.G. for Macintosh (for adding HREF tracks, chapter lists, and scrolling text.), Hitachi's MP-EG1A (can record 20 minutes of MPEG-1 video)

October 6, 1998 - Microsoft Media Player beta 1 for Macintosh, VideoScript 1.1.2 , SuperCard 3.5 (has commands for controlling QuickTime VR movies), products that come bundled with QuickTime 3 Pro, Heuris MPEG Export Engine-Pro (create DVD-ready MPEG streams by exporting from QuickTime products like MoviePlayer Pro), Panorama Tools 1.2 (plug-in for Graphics Converter for creating and editing panoramic images so they can be used to create QTVR panos), ConVRter Pro 1.3d26 (for converting between QTVR version 1.0 and 2.0) , ATI universal installer for all ATI Mac cards, uninstalling QuickTime 3 from Windows systems

September 29, 1998 - QTVR Auditorium (adding sound to QTVR panoramas), fun QuickTime VR object movie, VideoScript 1.1.1, Media Metrix report (QuickTime is the 31st most popular software title used on PCs), weekend seminar on QuickTime, WormScanner 1.2.1 (for AutoStart virus)

September 22, 1998 - Microsoft's strongarm tactics, what's new in QT 3.0.2, soundsaVR (for adding directional sound to QuickTime VR movies), Bill's WiredHack tool (for creating wired sprites, links to QuickTime-related sites, editing QTVR panoramas in Photoshop, MyVidCap and MyVidEdit 2.4, DevelopWare QTVRXtra v1.1 (for using QTVR movies in Director), of Panorama Tools 1.2, ConVRter Pro 1.3d23 (for converting between QTVR version 1.0 and 2.0), Windows versions MakeRefMovie and Plug-In Helper. How-to: remap files back to Windows apps

September 15, 1998 - QuickTime 3.0.2, story on why CNN has dropped its support for QuickTime, MacCentral 4-part series about the future of QuickTime, VideoScript 1.1, ConVRter Pro 1.3d23, Play it Cool 3.0.1 QuickTime movie player; mTropolis AX QuickTime Kit, MyVidCap and MyVidEdit 2.3.1, QuickCam updates (work for the iMac), Radius MotoDV 1.1.3, HEURIS MPEG-1 exporter component for use with QuickTime and MoviePlayer Pro, technote on QuickTime and QuickTime Plug-in for Windows 3.1, tool for adding content to, editing, and retouching QuickTime VR panoramas, QTVR calculator, info on After Effects, list OF Windows hardware and software that uses QuickTime, QuickTime Club at Yahoo, Electrifier Pro showcase

August 11, 1998 - Sample Director file to help with Lingo scripting of QTVR movies, Xtra that handles the QT3 Installer (appropriately meeting the licensing requirements), review of QT 3, series about the future of QuickTime, update to Apple Video Player (fixes a bug with QuickTime 3) MyVidCap 2.3 and MyVidEdit 2.3 (shareware capture and editing tools), Play it Cool is a (shareware app that does movie playback and editing, as well as creates self-playing QuickTime movies), tutorial on the Sorenson Video codec, QuickDraw 3D-compatible plug-in renderers (one for rendering QTVR panos and objects, beta of Panorama Tools (free plug-in for Graphic Converter that adjusts and aligns images, so they can be used to create QTVR panos), series of QuickTime VR panos by famed photographer P.F. Bentley

August 4, 1998 - Media 100 qx software, TurboTV driver, cross-platform QuickTime and QuickTimeVR support in mTropolis 2.0, QuickTime vs. Microsoft technologies, Sacred Worlds QTVR Project, new Media 100 products ("Finish" systems for Windows NT, as well as new upcoming DV-supporting Mac products), Truevision Bravado DV2000, Graphing Calculator 2.1 ( now supports QT).

July 28, 1998 - Directions for how to add sound to QTVR panoramas, Microsoft's competition tactics, technote about QuickTime MPEG extension's incompatibility with 3rd party cards , Q & A on the PowerBook G3 series and DVD-Video, VR Toolbox (new company with QTVR pano, object, and scene creation tools), An updater for HyperCard 2.4.1, anti-virus utilities that deal with the AutoStart 9805 worm

July 21, 1998 - New version of QuickTime available (3.0.1), new software distribution agreement,, entry-level version of Radius EditDV software for free, Iomega Buz card for the Mac ($399 video capture card for G3 PowerMacs, Media Cleaner Pro 3.0, new AVID Cinema product available, $139 consumer-level capture and editing software package, VideoScript (scripting language that allows you to write scripts that automate many QuickTime-related tasks), Media 100 qx and qxc (low end of the offerings), instructions for putting watermarks on your QTVR image, QTVR Resource Page (short tutorial for making object movies), Windows 95 and NT stitching products in the $50 range that can output as QTVR, mTropolis QuickTime 3 support, T.A.G. editor for the Mac OS and QuickTime 3, other product announcements:Totally Hip WebPainter 3 (an animation creation tool), Duck's TrueMotion 2 (a good CD-ROM codec), Adrenaline Charts Pro (a program for creating dynamic charts), GoLive CyberStudio 3.1 (a Web page authoring tool that has QT 3 support), overview article about QuickTime 3
June 9, 1998 - PDF versions of the MoviePlayer documentation, article by Ben Waggoner on compression, FrameBlenderQT , Movie Utilities CMM (a set of shareware contextual menu managers), MacCentral contest for programmers, conflict between Premiere 5.0 and Miro drivers, QuickTime Discussion Board: Frequently Asked Questions page, Little QuickTime Page on vacation.

June 2, 1998 - Report ranking the most owned and used software on Windows: QuickTime is the software the most owned outside those bundled with the Windows operating system, demo version of Pro edition of QDesign Music Codec, Multimixer Xtra for Director (control volume and panning of multiple QT audio tracks via script plus support for QuickTime Access Keys), QT 3-compatible version of Peter's Player ($10 shareware QuickTime movie player that has playback features that MoviePlayer doesn't), DC30 plus capture card for Macintosh, Video Finesse (collection of plug-in filters for Premiere) QuickTime VR stitching tools, cool QT movie about iMac.

May 26, 1998 - QuickTime VR 2.0 Director Xtra, Objects for Macromedia Dreamweaver (create QuickTime embed tags), Online QuickTime 3.0 Embed Tag Wizard, Susan Kitchen's book,"The Quicktime VR Book , QuickTimeTcl-2.0, WebPainter 3, Turbo TV drivers, Interactive Solutions' MovieWorks , PlayMovie CMM, CinepakPro, QuickTime-related documents in Apple's Tech Info Library

May 19, 1998 - Premiere 5.0, new QuickTime resource on the Web, software for iREZ Capsure card, QD3D Movie Maker, examples of movies with Wired (interactive) Sprites, FrameBlenderQT, vertical QTVR panoramas, drivers for Targa cards

May 12, 1998 - Apple revised licensing agreement, live QuickTime Streaming technology, Director 6.5 and QuickTime 3 Asset Xtra, FrameBlenderQT, Pro edition of the QDesign Music Codec is now available from Terran. , M.Pack software (for converting QuickTime to MPEG), ActiveX control that provides QuickTime 3 support, Apple press release: over a million QuickTime 3 users

May 5, 1998 - QTVR Matte Plug-in for After Effects for manipulatin QTVR panoramas, Autoplay virus, Apple announcement that it has acquired technology from Macromedia, QuickTime support in the new version of HyperCard, next version of MediaPaint (a tool for painting on QuickTime movies), examples of streaming QuickTime audio, QTVR panorama with built-in QuickTime cloud effect, Apple WorldWide Developer Conference

April 28, 1998 - HyperCard 2.4 (extensive support for QuickTime),G3 All-in-one Macintosh (includes the Avid Cinema hardware and software for QuickTime capture and editing), Apple AudioTuneUp 2.0 (fixes bugs related to recording audio on certain Macs), MyVidCap 2.2 and MyVidEdit 2.2 (shareware capture and editing tools),QuickTime 3.0 problems,Kaidan's new object rig, new streaming technology for uncompressed video, QuickTime licensing issues, rumor that Macromedia isn't going to finish Final Cut, A Wrinkle in Time 2 (collection of QuickTime VR panoramas shot all over the world)

April 21, 1998 - QuickTime-related articles in Apple Technical Infomation Library (differences between versions of QT, AVI problems, tips), Review of QuickTime 3, Netscape's newly announced Open Studio, a Web site and membership program for Internet content developers, A Wrinkle in Time 2 (collection of QuickTime VR panoramas shot all over the world)driver updates for Pinnacle DC30 and DV3000 Macintosh cards, QuickTime movie of the Windows 98 crash during Gates'demo

April 14, 1998 - QT3 Xtra for Director, QT3 tips (avoiding "Get QT 3 Pro" movie, saving movies from Web pages even if you don't have QuickTime 3 Pro), Nodester (QTVR panorama software), Widgetizer (QTVR Object movie software), obtaining QuickTime 3, upgrading to QuickTime 3 Pro, and getting support, and small developers being hurt by the new QuickTime licenseRobinHood Xtra (Director Xtra that help developers meet the terms of Apple's license for QuickTime distribution), PlayMovie CMM and Movie Utilities CMM (contextual menu managers), Barbabatch (a batch sound file converter for Mac), Sorenson vs. Cinepak, Sorenson Video Codec tips, QuickTime VR WebRing, QuickTime VR Technology WebRing, Apple's QuickTime strategy, QuickTime at NAB, significance of QuickTime for Java

April 7, 1998 - PDF files of the documentation for MoviePlayer 3.0, QuickTime at NAB, industry support for QuickTime 3, Media Cleaner Pro3.0, Sorenson Developer Edition, Pro Edition of the QDesign Music Codec, EditDV 1.5, Media 100 editing software (4.5), Media 100 products for Windows NT, Finish for Windows NT (high-end editing suite from Media 100), problems downloading QuickTime 3.0, QuickTime 3.0 embed tag wizard, review of Premiere 5 (beta), Wrinkle 2 (recent event during which photographers from around the world shot panoramas at the same time), Microsoft's Advanced Authoring Format (AAF), content developers unhappy with the new QuickTime licensing policies, making it easy for viewers without QT 3 Pro to save a movie, QuickMovie (shareware tool for creating QuickTime movies from still images), MyVidCap 2.1 and MyVidEdit 2.1 (shareware QuickTime capture and editing tools), QuickEditor (shareware QuickTime editing tool)

March 31, 1998 - QuickTime license fees, links to sites that showcase QuickTime 3.0 movies, new release of Commotion, the real-time rotoscoping and effects tool, new drivers for XCLAIM VR & TV cards, VRScript demo #9, Biscotti (QuickTime for Java.)

March 30, 1998 - Special Edition -- Release of QuickTime 3.0; lots of info about QuickTime 3.0

March 24, 1998 - Developer release of QuickTime for Java, new beta of Radius' Photo/Moto DV software, Quark discontinuing mTropolis, comparison of Sorenson and CinePak Pro, Premiere 5.0 announcement.

March 17, 1998 - Updater for Media Cleaner Pro 2, Steve Jobs' keynote at Seybold New York, winners of the QuickTime VR Studio Contest, PlayMovieCMM (contextual menu module which lets you play movies in the Fnder without opening a player application), QuickMovie (shareware application that allows you to combine a series of still images into a QuickTime movie), Post Digital Software's Roto rotoscoping tool, professional version of the QDesign music codec.

March 10, 1998 - Video Input updater for the 5500, 6500, and Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh, Cinepak Toolkit for Cinepak Pro, Matt's Hack TV (software for a PowerMac 8500 to convert between NTSC, PAL and SECAM), MyVidCap© 2.0 and MyVidEditor© V 2.0, QTVR PanoToThumbnail extension (for exporting thumbnail-sized linear QuickTime movies from a QuickTime VR panorama)

March 3, 1998 - MyVidCap (shareware for capturing video), MiroMotion DC30 Plus capture card, Pitango ClickWorks multimedia authoring tool, European distributors of QuickTime VR Authoring Studio, new HyperCard beta (2.4b16), Mouse Jam's QuickTime 3.0 Test Page (cool stuff done with the music in QuickTime 3.0)

February 24, 1998 - QT 3 Final Candidate, quickTime gets NewMedia HyperAward in the Systems category, Radius EditDV, review of Strata VideoShop 4/3D, article on QuickTime for Java, article on Premiere 5.AppleZoom video patch for the 2400/3400 and G3 PowerBooks,Lari Software contesy to win a Connectix Color QuickCam

February 17, 1998 - MPEG-4, Aurora Designs' DAV-based version of the Fuse card, IXMicro TurboTV software

February 10, 1998 - QuickTime 3 beta, Panimation and Widgetizer (QTVR tools) go to Roundabout Logic, Astarte's M.Pack software (convert QuickTime to MPEG), interview with senior QuickTime engineer Peter Hoddie, LariSoftware special deal on LightningDraw/WEB (takes advantage of QuickTime 3's vector compressor), support for QuickTime 3 and QuickTime VR 2 in mTropolis and Director

February 3, 1998 - MyVidCap and MyVidEditor shareware tools, Radius Moto/PhotoDV 1.1.1b1 Update, Panimation gone, another award for QuickTime 3, Media 100's NT plans. How-To: poster movie with no controller loads a larger movie with a controller

January 27, 1998 - QuickTime 3.0b16, Spike (QuickTime datarate analysis tool), Commotion Player (plays uncompressed, full-frame, full-motion video in real time without additional hardware), duel stream video editing, significance of the number of PCI slots new Macs, Live Picture's Reality Studio, free half-day seminars on Immersive Imaging, QT 3.0 Xtra for Director,becoming a member of the Internation QuickTime VR Association, VRScript demo #7, new versions QuickTime VR shareware tools (VR2Analyser and ReverseVR).

January 20, 1998 - Adobe Premiere 5.0, MayaQuest educational project (uses QuickTime VR), beta version of the Indeo Video 4.3 codec for QuickTime for Windows, examples using the Sorenson codec, Media100 & G3's, HotSpot freeware tool (for QTVR), VRScript demo #6.

January 14, 1998 - QuickTime 3.0b11 (new codecs), examples of new codecs, Apple splitting QT into free playback version and a $29.99 editing version, next Bay Area QTVRA meeting, QuickTime web site moved and revamped, HyperCard 2.4 beta, joint QTVR efforts (Spin-O-Rama, WorldTour), QTVR training, QuickTime VR Authoring Studio for $275, TransForMotion ($45 tool for painting on QuickTime and QuickTime VR movies), new import and export plug-ins for Adobe After Effects, updates to authoring tools (Interactive Solutions MovieWorks 4.02, PaceWorks Object Dancer 1.5)


December 23 - New stuff at QT 3.0 Preview site (utilities, tutorials), QuickTime at the Movies, adding custom cursors to QTVR 1.0 movies, Wrinkle in Time, VRTools shareware fees

December 16 - VRScript demos,Widgetizer, QuickTime VR Authoring Studio/QuickTake 200/Claris Home Page deal, Contextual Menu Manager plug-ins (ImageUtilities CMM & MovieUtilities CMM), VideoShop 4/3D 4.0.1, new drivers for XClaim VR and TV cards, LightingDraw/WEB 1.1.1, QuickTime 3.0b2c4, Macworld Editors Choice Awards (Eddys) to QuickTime VR Authoring Studio & Terran's Media Cleaner Pro. How-to: Having a movie fire a URL.

December 9 - QuickTime 3.0 3.0b2c3, articles about QuickTime 3.0, LightningDrawWEB (QuickTime 3's vector compressor), Windows version of Terran Interactive's MediaCleaner Pro, QuickTime Gazette interview with Mitchell Weinstock, QuickTime Product Manager.

December 2 - VideoShop 4/3D, online chat about Apple's QuickTime VR Authoring Studio, Spike (datarate analysis), Media Cleaner Pro 2.0/CyberStudio/ObjectDancer deal. How-to: recompress and change frame rate; add visual effects; and rotate, flip, and skew visual tracks.

December 1--Special Edition: QuickTime 3.0 beta release.

November 25 - Fuse capture card, SiteCam webcam software, Panhandler plug-in for Premiere, Puffin Commotion 1.1, Avid Cinema card

November 18 - Micropolis filed chapter 11, miroVideo DC30 driver

November 11 - QuickTime Rules article, JavaScript with QTVR tutorial, QT movie playing in QTVR pano, QuickTime VR Authoring Studio, Bay Area QTVRA meeting, QuickTime Creativity Seminars

November 4 - QTVR photography online chat, QuickTime 3.0, FireWire cards, Radius EditDV, iREZ CapSure card

October 28 - QuickTime VR contest, seminar on VR photography, tutorial on Captioning QuickTime Movie Clips, iREZ CapSure card, PostForum site

October 21 - Radius EditDV, iREZ Kritter card, DeltaVideo time-lapse software

October 14 - QuickTime VR Authoring Studio Sneak Peek page, type-12 system errors when running QuickTime 2.5 and Mac OS 8, problems with AVID Cinema cards, ATI XclaimVR card, IXMICRO Turbo TV software, MyVidCap and MyVidEditor software, Eye Candy for AfterEffects filters, QuickTime VRS of earthquake damage in Italy.

October 7 - QTVR2 XFCN, MooVer,QuickTime VR Authoring Studio, instructional video about QTVR

September 30 - MPEG encoding software (M. Pack and MPEG Exporter), Avid Cinema software, Puffin's Commotion, Think Different QT Movie, NewMedia data on extent of QuickTime on the Web

September 23 - escape videostudio codec, MyVidCap and MyVidEditor software, QTVR 2.0 Xtra for Director 5 and 6, Adrenaline Charts SE.

September 16 - QuickTime 3.0 awards, FireWire editing systems (Radius MotoDV, FireMAX), American Express website, tutorial on using QTVR movies in Director, problems running Netscape Navigator with QT plug-in, review of MovieWorks 4.0

September 9 - QuickDraw 3D, "Targeting QTVR Hotspots on the Web for the Average Guy with No Money", Bay Area IQTVRA meeting, QuickTime FAQ site

September 2 - QuickTime Plug-in 1.1.1 for Macintosh, MovieWorks 4.0, QuickTime Streaming, plug-ins for Adobe After Effects ("Path Text Effect" and "Animated GIF"), Astarte MPEG Exporter, QuickTime VR Chat, VRScript, audio compression

August 26 - QuickTime 3.0, Apple's QuickTime site, QuickTime plug-in 1.1.1, new codecs (Sorenson & Eidos Escape), E4 DVD kit

August 19 - Hitachi MPEG camera,QuickTime MPEG extension, Astarte M.PACK, FireWire products, iREZ Kritter and CapSure for PowerBook 2400s and 3400s, new QTVR tripod heads, Spin PhotoObject, QuickTime VR Authoring Studio, QuickTime plug-in, DigitalRadar, Pinnacle purchases Miro, NE Mic (for using PC microphone to capture audio), QuickTime Gazette

July 22 - QuickTime 3.0, IQTVRA Bay Area chapter meeting, PowerMac 5500 and 6500 patches

July 15 - QuickTime 3.0, Iomega BUZ , Spike, drivers for the QuickCam and Color QuickCam, Panomatic 1.b5, Kaidian's KiWi tripod head

July 8 - software for TARGA cards, Xclaim VR card, Miro DC-30,International QuickTime VR Association's web site, QTVR panoramas of Mars

July 1 - Media Cleaner Pro, ASTARTE MPEG Exporter,InfiniD 4.0, Strata VideoShop 3d 4.0, Iomega Buz capture card.

June 24 - Premiere plug-in for exporting QT to animated GIF, new software (for TurboTV, XCLAIM VR, and NuBus Targa 2000), PhotoDV/MotoDV special, MovieWorks, SiteCam, QuickTime clips about QuickTime

June 17 - QuickTime 3.0 late, ProMax FireMax, easyQTVR, Kaidan blowout sale, HyperCard Heaven, Bay Area IQTVRA meeting

June 10 - summary of Beyond QuickTime 3.0 session from WWDC, VideoVision PCI software, cheap Miro DC20, VideoVision Nubus to PCI trade-in program, MovieWorks, Javascript and QuickTime VR, AVI to QuickTime Converter.

June 3 - Codec Central (new web page on compression technologies), QuickTime and interactivity, tapes of webcasts from WWDC, Xclaim VR card, QuickTime TV

May 27 - Article on QuickTime Interactive and HyperCard, QuickTime VR 2.0.1 system extension, TweenScene (3D QuickTime tracks), QTVR-related plug-ins.

May 20 - WWDC, MPEG CD playback, MovieWorks Interactive, Media Cleaner Pro 2.0

May 13 - Webcasts of Interactive Media Track at WWDC, Nodester 1.0

May 6 - MovieWorks Interactive beta (b6), Connectix VideoPhone update (2.0.1), Deck II audio editing software update (2.6)

April 29 - article on web vector formats, RealMedia Cleaner Lite, ObjectDancer 1.1, Nodester beta, International QuickTime VR Association

April 22 - MovieWorks Interactive, Spike (for analyzing movies)

April 15 - QuickTime 3.0 white paper and other info, Radius Firewire capture cards, OMF Importer, LightingDraw/WEB, Color QuickCam software update

April 8 - QuickTime at NAB, Apple Press Release on Firewire, System 7.6.1 (fixes QT-related bugs), Nodester and Spin (two tools for creating QuickTime VR panos), Kaidan KiWi (tripod head for shooting QuickTime VR panos), QuickDraw 3D 1.5.1

April 1 - Astarte MPEG Exporter, Xclaim VR software update

March 24 - System 7.6 and QT 2.5 bug, MacWeek article on Final Cut, QuickTime Streaming FAQ

March 18 - Apple technology cuts. How to: specify a substitute instrument for a custom instrument in a QuickTime music track.

March 11 - MacWeek report on QT 3.0, QTVR 2.0, Media 100 effects processor, QuickTime Streaming (was QuickTime Conferencing)

March 4 - no QuickTime for Windows 2.5, QTVR 2.0 released, SumDicer (fixes QTVR dicing problems under System 7.6), International QuickTime VR Association, QuickTake 200 used to create QTVR panos.

February 25 - Peter Hoddie preview of upcoming QT features at Macworld Tokyo, CameraMan 3.0, AVI to QuickTime Converter

February 18 - price cut for ClearVideo codec, Apple new QT-related products (Power Macintosh 8600, PowerBook 3400 and the QuickTake 200). How to: add to a logo to a movie, using MoviePlayer's transparency and move and resize features.

February 11- RealMedia Cleaner Lite, System 7.6 installed after QuickTime MPEG extension Thread Manager error, Maction MPEG audio player, XtraEzQTVR for Director.

February 4 - international versions of QuickTime 2.5, new version of GifBuilder (0.5), new version of MooVer (for converting PICTs, PICS, or sound files to QuickTime), EasyQTVR (for playing QTVR in Director), reduced prices on A/V Macs. How to: "streaming" QuickTime audio.

January 28 - VR XTRA for Macromedia Director , demo version of ObjectDancer 1.0, MPEG Exporter (AME), QuickTime MPEG extension, QuickTime TV, Multiprocessor plug-ins for Premiere and AfterEffects.

January 21 - QuickTime MPEG extension version 1.0, update to Apple Video Software, System 7.6 , PNG importer new beta version, Object Dancer 1.0 , The Xclaim VR card. How-to: composite two movies side-by-side, or as a picture-in-a-picture.

January 14 - QuickTime VR 2.0, Be Here camera lens system, eVox ClipVR, OLiVR

January 6 - MPEG extension version 1.0f1, Astarte MPEG Exporter , Chapter List Maker, Truevision Bravado and Targa software updates, Avid Cinema software update, Terran tutorial on making QuickTime movies, changes in Little QT Page. How-to: make a chapter list for a QuickTime movie.


December 16 - QuickTime browser plugin version 1.1, QuickTime TV 1.0.4b19, QuickTime TV Broadcaster Lite 1.0b2. How-to: MoviePlayer keyboard shortcuts

December 9 - QuickTime MPEG Extension, Apple's QuickTime browser plug-in, public beta of Dancer How-to: insert data into a movie for a specified amount of time

December 2 - Apple VideoPhone Lite, Create your own MPEG files, New links on the Links page. How-to: downsample an audio track

November 25 - Avid Cinema bug updates, PNG importer, Browser plug-ins, Macworld Online on QTVR, QuickTime Media Layer push, QuickTime for Windows 2.5. How-to: remove duplicate frames in a movie created from still images

November 18 - New QTVR hotspots tools, Truevision M-JPEG, QuickTime 2.5 Extras 1.0.1, MacWeek a on QTML and QTW, Avid Cinema bugs. How-to: remove duplicate frames in a movie, giving you different durations for different frames

November 11 - beta of QuickTime browser plug-in, some sample URL's using plug-in, QTVR and QD3D, QuickTime VR list archives on web. How-to: show off a movie

November 4 - CoolTalk for the Macintosh, Sanity SaVR 1.0b4, Dancer 1.0b11. How-to: use MoviePlayer keyboard shortcuts

October 28 - Re-designed QuickTime site, PageMill 2.0 for Macintosh, Cyberdog fixes. How-to: create a dynamic preview for a movie, using a different movie

October 21 - Movie Cleaner Pro 1.3, Performa 6400 Video Editing Edition and Avid Cinema. How-to: make a dynamic preview for any of your movies

October 14 - beta version of Dancer, Evaluation copy of Clear Video, Astarte's M.Pack for MPEG encoding, Elecede's Artista low-cost video capture card. How-to: make a "startup movie"

October 7 - Apple's Interactive Music Toolkit, Claris HomePage. How-to: use a custom sound in a QuickTime music file

September 30th - QuickTime for OS/2 Warp, CoolTalk for the Mac, TriMedia, How-to: determine what codec was used to compress a movie

September 23rd - QuickCam updates, Apple's Interactive Media Group, HyperCard 3.0, QT-related press releases, How-to: mask a movie

September 16th - MovieStar plug-in, MovieStar 1.5, Internet Explorer 2.1, How-to: make a small movie

September 9th - Bargains from Truevision and APS, QuickTime 2.5 for Windows, GraphicsConverter, How-to: add and search a text track

September 2nd - Sanity SaVR, RealVR, How to: use the trim command

August 26th - ClearVideo, Power!Video, How-to: Add Copyright Info

August 19th - Adobe Premiere Movie Capture Module 4.2.2, Netscape Navigator 3.0 and Apple's QuickTime plug-in, How-to: prepare a movie for web playback

August 12th - Avid Cinema, ATI Xclaim VR, Miro DC-20, How-to: Overdrive audio

August 5th - BMUG Guide to QuickTime 2.5, Terran Interactive Web-Motion

July 22nd - Apple finally released QuickTime 2.5!

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