To create a dynamic preview for one movie, using movie data from another movie:

  1. Open both the movie file for which you want to create a preview, as well as the movie file that contains the data that you want to use as a preview.

    (You'll need to be sure you have the MoviePlayer plug-ins in the same folder as MoviePlayer. These are files called Authoring Extras and Goodies. If you got MoviePlayer from BMUG's 2.5 Update CD-ROM, you have the plug-ins; you can also get them from the QuickTime software page.)

  2. Select a portion from the movie that has the data you'd like to use for a preview. (Hold down the shift key and drag on the slider to select.)

  3. Click on the other movie (the one to which you're adding a preview).

  4. Choose Get Info from the Movie menu.

  5. From the popup on the right, choose Preview.

    You'll see several buttons:

  6. Click back on the movie in which you made a selection, to make it the active window.

  7. Click and hold in the image area of the window (i.e. not the title bar and not the controller), and drag to the area of the Info window that says "Drop Preview Movie Here".

    You'll see a selection box appear in that area.

  8. Close the Info dialog box.

  9. Click on the movie to which you just added the preview, and choose Save from the File menu.

    Now, when someone looks at the Preview in the Open dialog box of a QuickTime-savvy application, they'll see the clip from the other movie as a preview.




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