A chapter list is a pop-up menu that appears in the standard controller of a QuickTime movie. It gives users a way to quickly get to points in a movie.

1/13/99 NOTE: We regret to tell you that the tool you need to use in the tutorial is no longer available on-line. If you already have this tool, you can follow the tutorial. If not, you'll currently need to use a commercial tool that allows you create chapter lists; Media Cleaner Pro, T.A.G. Editor, and Electrifier Pro are three that we know of.

To create a movie with a chapter list, you'll first need to have a new tool, Chapter List Maker. You'll also need MoviePlayer 2.1 or later (you can get MoviePlayer from the QuickTime software page.)

  1. Make sure you have a movie that contains at least one sound or video track, and that is at least 275 pixels wide.

  2. Add a text track that contains the text, timed appropriately, that you want to appear in the chapter list. See our how-to for 9/9/96 for instructions on how to do this using MoviePlayer's import capabilities; you can skip the step where you disable the text track, however.

    (We recommend using Import rather than the Add function for this; importing is probably faster and less likely to produce errors.)

  3. Save the movie. If you're going to want the movie to be playable on the web, make sure to save the movie as self-contained and playable on non-Apple computers.

  4. Open Chapter List Maker.

  5. In the Do... menu, choose Make Chapter List.

    If your movie has both a sound and a video track, you'll see Make Chapter List twice; for the most part it makes no difference which you choose. The only difference between choosing one over the other occurs if you later disable a track; for example, if you choose the Make Chapter List menuitem below the disabled Video Track item (which links the chapter list to the video track), and later disable the video track, the chapter list will disappear.

    When you choose Make Chapter List, the text track should disappear (if it was visible), and a chapter list should appear. (If the chapter list does not appear it may be because the movie isn't wide enough. You can see the chapter list by streching out the movie using the Size box in the lower right corner of the window.)

  6. Choose Save As in the File menu, and save your movie.

The chapter list will be accessible whenever you open the movie in MoviePlayer or any application that uses the standard controller (including Netscape with the QuickTime plug-in).





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