To add an invisible text track that contains key words that can later be used to find points in the movie:

  1. Open the movie you want to index in MoviePlayer.

  2. Choose Get Info from the Movie menu, and in the right pop-up choose Time. (The left pop-up should have Movie chosen.)

  3. Open Simple Text (or some other text processor). Set up your windows so you can see the movie, the Info window, and the text window.

  4. Type {QTtext}{timeScale:30} in the first line of the text window.

  5. Click on the movie you're indexing, and move the slider to a location which you'd like to index.

  6. Click in the text processing window and on the next line, type in brackets the current time as it appears in the Info window, a return, and the text that you want to use to index this location.

  7. Repeat the previous 2 steps for each location you want to index. After the last word, type a return, and enter, in brackets, the duration that's listed in the Info window.

  8. Save the text file.

  9. In MoviePlayer, choose Import from the File menu, locate the text file you just saved, and click the Convert button.

  10. You get a standard save dialog.

  11. Click Save.

  12. A new movie, which contains a text track only, appears.

  13. From the Edit menu, choose Select All and then from the Edit menu again, choose Copy.

  14. Click on the movie you're indexing and move the slider to the beginning of the movie. (All the way to the left.)

  15. Holding down the option key, choose Add from the Edit menu. The text track is pasted above the video track.

  16. From the Edit menu, choose Enable tracks, and in the resulting dialog, click on the line that says text track, so that the button changes to OFF, and the text track in the movie window disappears.

  17. To test your indexing scheme, choose Find from the Edit menu, and type in one of the key words you entered in the text file.




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