August 98

August 11, 1998

Director content developers: At you can get a sample Director file that might help you with Lingo scripting of QTVR movies. At the mLine Homepage, you'll find information about a $39 (single platform)/$69 (double platform) Xtra that handles the QT3 Installer, appropriately meeting the licensing requirements.

There's a decent overall review of QT 3 at MacWorld on-line.

MacCentral has the first two of a 4-part series about the future of QuickTime. The first article is "Whatever happened to QuickTime TV, QuickTime IC?" and the second article is "DVD, extensibility two keys to QuickTime's future".

There's an update to Apple Video Player that fixes a bug with QuickTime 3. Get it at Apple's Video Software Updates page.

MyVidCap 2.3 and MyVidEdit 2.3 have been released. These $25 shareware capture and editing tools are available at the MyVidCap and MyVidEdit page.

Tilman Hampl, on the QTVR list, pointed out a relatively new tool he found. Play it Cool is a $15 shareware app that does movie playback and editing, as well as creates self-playing QuickTime movies.Get it at the Play it Cool page.

Also, relatively new, at the Sorenson Web site is a tutorial on the Sorenson Video codec.

LightWorks has released QuickDraw 3D-compatible plug-in renderers. These allow people using QuickDraw 3D tools to create rendered objects using LightWorks' photo-realistic renderers. One of these (MovieMaker, $149) is for rendering QTVR panos and objects. Goto the LightWorks QuickDraw 3D Plug-ins page for more info and to get the plug-ins.

At the Panorama Tools page, there's a new beta (1.2) of Panorama Tools, a free plug-in for Graphic Converter that adjusts and aligns images, so they can be used to create QTVR panos.

There is an interesting series of QuickTime VR panos by famed photographer P.F. Bentley at The TIME and LIFE Space: Johnson Space Center QTVR page.

We'll be taking a needed break from technology. We'll be out of touch until September 15th, when the page returns. Enjoy the rest of your summer.

Judy and Robert

August 4, 1998

There's an update to the Media 100 qx software at the Media 100 Software Download Registration page.

There's a new driver for the TurboTV card at the TurboTV Driver Download page.

users may want to go to the AX QuickTime Kit page where you can order the $269 modifier kit which provides cross-platform QuickTime and QuickTimeVR support in mTropolis 2.0.

A couple of interesting reads:

A MacWeek article, "QuickTime still on top, but MS makes inroads"

A C/net News.Com article, "Will QuickTime take on Microsoft?"

The International QuickTime VR Association has officially announced their Sacred Worlds Project. This is an opportunity for artists and others doing interesting QTVR work or QT 3 work to be part of a large collaborative project. Go to The Sacred Worlds Project home page to see if you might be interested in being part of this project.

New items at the QuickTime Announce List Archive include items about new Media 100 products ("Finish" systems for Windows NT, as well as new upcoming DV-supporting Mac products), news that the Truevision Bravado DV2000 card is now shipping, and an item about Graphing Calculator 2.1 (which now supports QT).