March 97

March 25

There is definitely a bug with System 7.6 and QuickTime 2.5. However, for the most part, playing back movies is not a problem; you'll likely only run into problems authoring or processing movies. For example, Darren Giles, of Terran Interactive, reported (on the quicktime-dev listserv) that Terran's MovieCleaner 1.3 will garble audio under QuickTime 2.5 and System 7.6. The bug will be fixed by System 7.6.1 (due at the end of the month) and also with QuickTime 3.0.

There is a MacWEEK article on Final Cut, the long-awaited video editor and effects tool from Macromedia.

There's now a QuickTime Streaming FAQ, which you may want to check out if you're trying to figure out where this technology (formerly QuickTime Conferencing) is going. There aren't very many questions and answers yet, but it's a start.

March 18

It's been kind of a slow week on the QuickTime front. Along with Apple's layoffs last week, they also announced some decisions about which technologies they'll continue supporting in their next major operating system, Rhapsody.

Both QuickTime and QuickTime VR made the cuts. QuickTime Conferencing will no longer be supported, but it seems that some components of QTC ("QuickTime Streaming") will continue to survive as part of QTML. GameSpockets will have no future development; this technology has been used in QTVR 2.0 for directional sound--we don't know what this all means for the future of directional sound in VR. Apple Media Tool (AMT) is on its way out, which may be a disappointment to many QuickTime VR developers who considered AMT to be the easiest to use of the small set of authoring tools that supported QuickTime VR. There's a MacWeek list of in and out technologies as well as a couple of Apple Press Releases ("Apple Computer Restructuring: theTechnology FAQs" and "Apple Computer Details Restructuring Plans") where you can find lots more info.

How to specify a substitute instrument for a custom instrument in a QuickTime music track.

March 11

Kelly Ryer has written a good report on QuickTime 3.0 (MacOS and Windows) in MacWEEK online. She describes the QuickTime video-effects architecture and support for AVI files, as well as other details.

There are a few other articles at MacWEEK online of interest:

QTVR upgrade turns to gold, mentions a third party stitcher, Nodester, from Panimation.

Media 100 preps new effects processor, talks about a new version of the Media 100 software as well as the company's plans for realtime effects hardware.

Apple has renamed QuickTime Conferencing to QuickTime Streaming; so now when you go to, you actually end up at the QuickTime Streaming page, We don't think they've actually changed any of the software yet, but streaming is a good direction.

March 4

A Macworld article on QuickTime 3.0 contains a more complete story about QuickTime 3.0 than was previously reported in the press. The most important point, gleamed from an interview with Ralph Rogers (QuickTime Product Manager), is that there won't be a QuickTime for Windows 2.5, as Apple had been promising. The next releases will be QuickTime for Mac and QuickTime for Windows 3.0 in the second quarter of this year.

Plus, lots of QuickTime VR news this week:

QuickTime VR 2.0 has been released and should begin shipping this week. You can get more info and order the new Authoring Tools Suite at the Apple Developer Catalog Online.

If you're still using QTVR 1.0, and having dicing problems under System 7.6, Jon Summers has written a replacement for the p2mv MPW Tool. Get it at Summer's SumDicer page.

Those doing professional work with QuickTime VR may be interested in a professional QuickTime VR association which is forming. For more information, go to the International QuickTime VR Association page .

eVox, a professional virtual reality firm, has used the new QuickTake 200 to create some QuickTime VR panos, with very good results. You can see the samples if you go to the eVox Home Page.

Use MoviePlayer to set up bilingual (or multilingual) text or audio tracks so endusers can pick a language from a Choose Language menu or so they'll automatically get the right version if running a non-English version of the MacOS.