February 98

February 24, 1998

Apple today released a Final Candidate (7) of QuickTime 3.0. It looks like they will ship the final 3.0 very soon; if you have bugs you should report them to qt3beta@apple.com.

QuickTime has received yet another award: this time it's a NewMedia HyperAward in the Systems category.

There's an Overview of Radius EditDV page at Radius' site, which has a walkthrough of the EditDV program.

There's a MacWEEK review of Strata VideoShop 4/3D, an editing tool which stands out because of its ability to handle QuickTime 3D data.

Macintosh News Network's Reality rumor colum has two stories of note; one is an article on QuickTime for Java and the other is an article on Premiere 5.

Apple has released a Zoom video patch for the 2400/3400 and G3 PowerBooks. It's reported to fix bugs with some video conferencing software.Get a ReadMe and the software itself at Apple's Other PowerBook Software ftp directory. (Look for PB_ZoomedVideo_Update)

Lari Software is running another contest which requires you to fill out a survey about your use of multimedia and QuickTime; you could win a Connectix Color QuickCam. Go to Lari's Fast, Interactive QuickTime 3.0 Multimedia Survey page.

February 17, 1998

The QuickTime file format has been chosen by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) as the basis for the MPEG-4 specification. There's an Apple press release about the ISO adoption of QuickTime, an article at MacWeek titled "QuickTime Makes Good", as well as a Don Crabb opinion piece titled "QuickTime's the One" , all of which offer more info and insights regarding the significance of this decision.

Today's (2/17) Mac OS Rumors page has a rumor that Apple is about to start a major advertising campaign centered around QuickTime. (Sorry, but this may not be accessible after 2/17).

MacInTouch noted that Aurora Designs, maker of the Fuse capture card, is requesting feedback as to whether or not they should develop a DAV-based version of the Fuse card. To enter your opinion, go to theFuse DAV Situation page.

IXMicro has a new beta (2.0) of its TurboTV software for the Mac. Get it at IXMicro's Download Drivers page.

Sorry to all of you who tried to access this page recently and found that we had "regressed" to a December 23rd version of the page; there were problems with our ISP.

February 10, 1998

Yet another beta of QuickTime 3.0 is available at the QuickTime 3 Preview Release download page. This release features new icons for QuickTime documents, constrained resizing of movie windows unless you hold down the shift key, performance improvements and bug fixes. (We've noticed that if you try to install under Mac OS 8 or 8.1, you may get an error pertaining to a "locked icon"; if you move the QuickTime Folder from the root directory, it'll install properly.)

The new home for QTVR tools Panimation and Widgetizer is Roundabout Logic, according to Roundabout's web page and a MacWeek article about Roundabout.
There's a new version of Astarte's M.Pack software, which you can use to convert QuickTime to MPEG. You can get more info and download version 2.1.5 at Astarte's M.Pack page; the software will run in demo mode without a serial number.

There's an interview with senior QuickTime engineer Peter Hoddie at TechWeb.

LariSoftware is offering a special deal on LightningDraw/WEB, the first product to take advantage of QuickTime 3's vector compressor for making really small graphics. If you call Lari Software at (800) 933-7303 or email Lari at sales@larisoftware.com and mention "Countdown to QuickTime 3.0" you can get LightningDraw/WEB for $79; it's normal price is $99. Get more information about the product at the LightningDraw/WEB page.

If you're interested in support for QuickTime 3.0 and QuickTime VR 2.0 in authoring tools, you may want to check out:

February 3, 1998

There are updates to version 2.0 of the shareware applications, MyVidCap and MyVidEditor. Both are PowerMac only. MyVidCap, a QuickTime capture program designed especially to work with low-end capture cards, takes advantage of QuickTime 3.0's capability to capture across multiple drives. MyVidEditor lets you apply some of the new QuickTime 3.0 effects, including transitions (which you can't do with MoviePlayer), and has lots of other features that take advantage of what's built into QuickTime 3.0. Both are AppleScript-able. Get lots of details and download these applications at the MyVidCap© 2.0 and MyVidEditor© V 2.0 page.

If you want to use a Panasonic or Canon DV camera with Radius' Photo/Moto DV card, you may want to go to the Download Radius Moto/PhotoDV 1.1.1b1 Update page. (The released version of this driver is also supposed to support QuickTime 3 and Mac OS 8.1, but it's not clear whether this beta will do that.)

If you go to what used to be the web site for Panimation (www.panimation.com), you won't find anything about this QuickTime VR company. Seems that Panimation's products, Nodester and Widgetizer, will now be published by another company, according to a 1/2/98 message on the QuickTime VR list from Tracy Trumbull.

There's anarticle at MacWeek stating that QuickTime 3 has won another award. This article also states that QuickTime 3 will ship at Macworld Toyko this month.

There's a press release from Media 100 detailing their NT plans. The release also says they are continuing their support of the Mac and contains information about FinalCut, the much talked about video editing product from Macromedia.

You often want to have a small poster movie with no controller, which, when clicked, downloads a larger movie with a controller. It's slightly tricky to do this, so we provide all the steps.