February 99

February 23, 1999

Adobe has announced GoLive 4.0, their Web site creation tool (formerly called Cyberstudio). This tool has always had better QuickTime support than any of its competitors, and now even has a built-in movie editor. For general info about the product go to the Adobe GoLive 4.0 page; for information about the movie editor (including animated screen shots) go the Adobe GoLive: QuickTime Movie Editor page.

There's a QuickTime 4 overview at AppleInsider!

There's an article titled "Non-linear DV editing with Firewire" at the Insanely Great Macintosh site that gives a nice clear overview of Firewire on Macs.

For more on the the US vs. Microsoft trial and the QuickTime connection, read "MS exec refutes Apple claim" at MacWEEK.com and/or "Microsoft disputes QuickTime allegation" at CNET News.

You might want to check out a page with some QuickTime clips of events at Macworld Tokyo.

Kaidan announced a new $1500 product, the SmoothMove Spherical PhotoSolution, which allows you to create spherical panoramas. It includes a spherical tripod head from Kaidan and SmoothMove software from Infinite Pictures which can stitch together multiple rows of photos. While spherical panoramas are available only in the SmoothMove file format, the software can output very wide field-of-view QuickTime VR files.You'll find a press release with lots more info at Kaidan's home page.

The MovieWorks download page has updater to go from version 4.1 or 4.1.1 to 4.1.2. (MovieWorks is a QuickTime movie editor/multimedia creation tool; if you're interested, you can get a demo version at the download page as well.)

Public Beta 5 of Spritz (the new freeware tool that lets you create interactive QuickTime movies) is now available; go to the Spritz web site and click on the Download page.

February 16, 1999

There's a plug-in updater now available for Internet Explorer 4.5 Macintosh Edition which will install version 2.01 of the QuickTime plug-in. (Without this updater, the version of the plug-in is 1.1.1, which doesn't give you any of the new web features of QuickTime 3.0.) Find the updater at the Internet Explorer 4.5 Updater page.

H. Dersch, the creator of Panorama Tools now has a page that explains how to get from a QTVR panorama image to a VRML file, using Panorama Tools.

There's a new Tech Info Library article on the Indeo 4.4 codec for Macintosh. It gives some basic info about this high-quality codec, which is new to the Mac platform. (Unfortunately it doesn't tell you where to download the codec; you can do this at the Apple Indeo Codec page.) Also the Tech Info Library article on troubleshooting QT for Windows 2.1.2 has been updated.

If you're interested in rumors, there's a MacCentral blurb about Final Cut Pro (Apple's forthcoming digital video editing and composition tool), and comments in this week's Mac The Knife column about when QuickTime 4 will be out.

The $30 shareware QuickTime 3 effects and transitions available from Buena Software QuickTime Effects Pack page, has been updated to version 1.0.1.

Adobe After Effects 4.0 is now shipping; you can read the Adobe 2/16/99 press release.

February 9, 1999

There's a new freeware tool available that lets you create interactive QuickTime movies (i.e. with wired sprites). Go to the Spritz web site. If you click the Download button you'll get more info about the tool as well as a download link.

A MacCentral story, "Totally Hip to demo LiveStage in Apple seminars" says that there will be seminars that cover LiveStage (a new tool for creating interactive QuickTime movies) in a number of cities. (Apple-sponsored seminars like this are usually free, though this story doesn't say so explicitly.)

Here are some recent QT-related updates noted at VersionTracker:

New drivers for the Aurora Fuse card are at the Aurora Fuse Software page.

New beta software (version 1.3fc3) for the VideoVision PCI video capture card is at the Digital Origin Software Downloads page. (The software adds support for MacOS 8.5.)

An upgrade to version 1.2.5b5 of VideoScript, a tool that can be used to write scripts for processing video, is available at the VideoScript Download page. (For information about the tool, see the main VideoScript page.)

At the next Bay Area QuickTime VR Association meeting in Cupertino, CA on February 18, Abvent is going to present their new QuickTime-based authoring tool and BeHere is going to demo an updated version of their mirror lens for shooting panos in one shot. Check the BAQTVRA Current Activities page for more info.

Robert Morgan speculates on the idea of "QuickTime on a chip" in his 2/4/99 RFI Report at MacWEEK.com.

A number of QuickTime products won Hyper Awards from NewMedia Magazine. Check out the HyperAwards Web page to see that QuickTime 3.0 itself was the winner for streaming media. On the HyperAwards video page, Terran's Media Cleaner Pro wins the Hall of Fame award for video utility. On the HyperAwards audio products page, you'll see that the QDesign Music codec wins "Best of Audio" for Web audio, and Barbabatch wins for audio utility. The HyperAwards desktop page lists the MacOS as the winner for the best Client OS, saying "Why do we like our Mac OS? It just tastes better, that's all, and it has QuickTime 3.0 in all its glory."

Apple's got a new set of pages that showcase movie previews from various major studios. Check out the QuickTime 3 Movie Trailers page.

February 2, 1999

Robert Morgan's 1/28 RFI Report at MacWEEK.com covers a QuickTime/FireWire based camcorder.

BarbaBatch (a batch audio processor with great QuickTime support) has won an Electronic Musician magazine "Editors' Choice" award. Read more in a 1/27 MacSourcery press release.

Apple has a web page for new MIDI devices that work with USB; these should also work as output devices for QuickTime music tracks. Check out the Mo' MIDI page.

There are a several new Tech notes from Apple concerning video capture: Article 24786 covers export difficulties with certain Sony FireWire devices, Article 58264 concerns problems that result when one has an extra PCI video capture card in one of the new blue G3s, and Article 58267 covers connection issues with blue G3s and FireWire DV devices. (Thanks to Macintouch for pointing out the first of these three.)

Here are some recent updates (many noted at VersionTracker):

ConVRter, a tool that can be used to edit QuickTime VR files, as well as convert between QTVR version 1 and 2, is now up to version 1.4. Info and a download are at the ConVRter page.

The shareware QuickTime editor, QuickEditor for Mac OS, has been revved to version 6.1. Info and a download are at the QuickEditor web site. (Interestingly, they have stopped the development of the Windows version.)

Play it Cool, a shareware QuickTime player and simple editor, has been upgraded to version 3.13. Info and a download are at the Play It Cool page.

OneApp CineSlider, a shareware tool for creating movies that can be distributed as standalone applications, is at version 4.2, and can be found at the OneApp CineSlider page.
An upgrade to Version 1.2.5b of VideoScript, a tool that can be used to write scripts for processing video, is available at the VideoScript Upgrade page. For information about the tool and a trial version that you can download, see the main VideoScript page.

Version 1.7 of Panorama Tools (a freeware plug-in that works with a number of graphics programs for touching up QTVR panos, available for both MacOS and Windows) is at the Panorama Tools page.