June 99

June 29, 1999

Apple has released its first update to QuickTime 4. While Apple hasn't released info about what's new in this update, it's a good bet there are some bug fixes. If you want to update, you can run QuickTime Updater (found in your QuickTime folder), which will update a few QuickTime items. ( If you don't already have QuickTime 4, download it at the QuickTime download page.)

For those hoping for a CD version of the QuickTime installer, it looks like there's hope. There's a MacWEEK article titled "News of the World: QT 4 installer heads to CD" and it quotes an Apple Marketing Director.

There's a Macintouch Reader Report on ISP's that offer QuickTime 4 streamimg.

Sorenson Broadcaster is the tool for doing live broadcasting with QuickTime 4 and it's at beta 6. You can download the free beta version by reading and filling out the forms at the "Becoming a Sorenson Broadcaster Beta Tester" page. For more info on the product, go to the Sorenson Broadcaster page.

Still more articles from Apple's Tech Info Library:

Final Cut Pro: Removing Unsupported Versions of QuickTime (#31018)

QuickTime Streaming Server: Verifying Installation (#31016)

QuickTime Streaming Server: Error Codes (#24938)

QuickTime Streaming Server: Determining Adequate Server Bandwidth (#24937)

This week's QuickTime-related updates (found at VersionTracker):

XLR8 has version 1.0.1 (as well as other required software) for InterView (their $99 Mac USB video capture product), at the XLR8 Get Mac OS 8.6 page.

Ambrosia Software has released 2.0.1 of SnapZ Pro 2 (a product for recording action on your Macintosh screen into a QuickTime movie); get it at the SnapZ Pro 2 Update page.

Apple has relesed version 2.1 of their FireWire software; get it at theFirewire 2.1 page of Apple's Software Library.

SmartVideo has been upgraded to version 0.8. Get this shareware program for capturing QuickTime video to RAM at the SmartVideo page.

The latest version (1.4) of QuickMP3, a Mac shareware tool for playing MP3 files using QuickTime that does playlists, is available at the QuickMP3 page.

June 22, 1999

Our QuickTime 4 book (a Visual QuickStart Guide from Peachpit Press) is almost done and should be available in August. You can get more info and pre-order a copy at a discount at the QuickTime 4 Pro: Visual QuickStart Guide page.

Two new articles from Apple's Tech Info Library:

QuickTime 4: Installing Onto Non-English Systems (#24932)

QuickTime 4: Web Install Issues (#60388)

Rearden's SiteCam 4.0 (Webcam software) has started shipping. Read about it in a 6/22 SiteCam 4.0 Press Release. Or go to the SiteCam 4.0 page, where you can also download a demo.

easy beat is a new music authoring tool (currently in beta) that can export QuickTime music tracks. Information and a link to a download page can be found at the easy beat page.

VR Toolbox has a public beta release (B68) of The VRWorx software (a package containing their tools for creating QuickTime VR panoramas, objects, and scenes). Get a Windows or Mac version at the VRWorx Public Beta page. (Go to the general VR Toolbox web site for more info on their products.)

VR Toolbox also announced last week that they will provide 60 days of free technical support to owners of RoundAbout Logic's Nodester and Widgetizer products.VR Toolbox is also offering special upgrade prices for their products to owners of Nodester and Widgetizer. Details are at a RoundAbout Logic Users page.

Claire Bradin Siskin has a QuickTime 101 page which has all sorts of links to QuickTime resources, including a large number of links to QuickTime foreign language examples.

Morgan Kaufman Publishers has released a new QuickTime for Java book. You can get more info and order this book at the QuickTime for Java: A Developer's Reference page. This is one in a series of books for programmers; see the Discovering QuickTime: An Introduction for Windows and Macintosh Programmers page for info on one released earlier this year.

It seems that Apple has laid off the entire QuickDraw 3D programming staff. Since QuickDraw 3D is the technology behind the QuickTime 3D track, it's not clear what the future of 3D in QuickTime movies will be. You can read some developer views in a MacCentral article titled "QD3D staff gone, developers muse on future of Mac 3D games" by Peter Cohen.

Escape Information Services has a public beta of a QuickTime import component for the DICOM image format. DICOM is an image format used by healthcare professionals. You can read more about it and sign up for the beta at Escape's QuickTime for Medical Imaging page.

This week's QuickTime-related updates (found at VersionTracker):

Pinnacle Systems has new drivers (v 3.1) for the Truevision Targa 2000 line of video capture cards. You can get them from the Truevision Technical Support page; choose your card from the pop-up.

Version 3.0.1 of Etchelon Tracer 3 is available. This is a $15 easy-to-use shareware animation tool that outputs as QuickTime. More info and a download are at the Etchelon Tracer page.

SyntheticAperture has released new versions of their Video Finesse plug-ins for Adobe Premiere. You can read more and download a demo version at the Video Finesse page.

XLR8 has new beta drivers (as well as other required software) for InterView (their $99 Mac USB video capture product), at the XLR8 Get Mac OS 8.6 page.

June 15, 1999

The big news is that QuickTime 4 was released last week. If you already have a beta version of QuickTime 4, run QuickTime Updater (found in your QuickTime folder). If you don't have a beta, download it at the QuickTime download page.

The Insanely Great web site has an article titled"QuickTime 4 popular with Wintel users" and reports over 600,000 downloads in less than a week of the released Windows version of QuickTime 4 from download.com.

For some commentary on the design of the new QuickTime Player, read the June 99 AskTog Reader mail. You may also want to check out John Christie's Fix QuickTime page, which has links to a number of pages with similar commentary.

An Apple Tech Info Library article,QuickTime 4: Not Compatible With Avid Cinema 1.2.2b, reports that the version of Avid Cinema bundled with Apple's Teacher's Workstation won't work with QuickTime 4.

Ambrosia Software has released SnapZ Pro 2, which can now be used for recording action on your Macintosh screen into a QuickTime movie.(It was our favorite utility for capturing individual screenshots before, and we're really excited by this new version. At $40 we think it's a great deal.) More info and a download link are at Ambrosia's SnapZ Pro 2 page.

VersionTracker reports the following QuickTime-related upgrades:

The latest version (1.4b3) of QuickMP3, a Mac shareware tool for playing MP3 files using QuickTime that does playlists, is available at the QuickMP3 page.

Get new versions of drivers for the iREZ Capsure and Kritter cards at the iREZ Drivers dowload page.

A new beta version of P-in-P is available at the Johnny C N Lee Software page. (P-in-P is Mac shareware that can display a QuickTime movie in a window that's always on top of other applications.)

There are new beta drivers for Pinnacle Systems' MiroMotion cards. Get them at Pinnacle's beta drivers page.

Version 2.0 of the AX QuickTime Kit, for cross-platform QuickTime and QuickTimeVR support in mTropolis 2.0 is available. It takes advantage of QuickTime 4 features. Go to the AX Logic page to order the $369 product or to read more about it.

VideoScript Inc. has released VideoScript 1.6 Pro and Lite. (VideoScript is a tool that can be used to write scripts for processing video.) You can download the Lite version at the VideoScript Download page, and find out the differences between the two at the VideoScript Lite vs. VideoScript Pro page.

For a little fun, check out a VR object movie for "The Spy Who Shagged Me" produced by Gyroscope Interactive Photography.