October 98

October 27, 1998

On the QuickTime-VR list, there's a 10/23 press release from Kaidan, announcing a new very large, elaborate, and expensive object rig, new Macintosh software to control the KodakÆ DCS camera family, and some special bundles deals, one of which is that you can "Purchase any Kaidan motorized Immersive Imaging Object Rig or Turntable and purchase Apple's QuickTime VR Authoring Studio for only $100."

Panorama Tools Version 1.5 beta0 for Macintosh is now available at the Panorama Tools page. (This free software, previously only a plug-in for Graphics Converter is now also a plug-in for Photoshop.You use it for for creating and tweaking images so they can be used to create QTVR panos.)

Last week we mentioned a site that had trial versions of new VR tools for Windows--one to convert between LivePicture and QTVR file formats, and the other to add hotspots to QTVR and LivePicture files--but there were only Japanese versions of the Web site and tools. Now you can go to an English version of the Intec download page and get English versions of these tools.

VR Toolbox has announced that they'll start shipping their QuickTime VR panorama and object software (VR PanoWorx and VR ObjectWorx) for the Mac OS this week.

At the Panoptic Vision home page, you can see QuickTime VR and Live Picture panoramas shot with a prototype digital panoramic camera.

The QuickTime Gazette is running a poll, asking "What's the biggest impediment to the acceptance of QuickTime 3.0 on the Windows platform?". There a tally of current results available also, if you're interested.

We neglected to mention two upgrades to key QuickTime software last week: Media Cleaner 3.1 and Premiere 5.1. You can read about Media Cleaner 3.1 in a 10/14 Terran press release, "Media Cleaner Pro 3.1 Now Shipping", and download a demo at Media Cleaner 3.1 Demo page. You can read about Premiere 5.1 in a 10/14 Adobe press release, "Adobe Announces Update to Premiere 5.0".

And, as far as future upgrades to QuickTime software, you may want to read an eMedia article, "Adobe After Effects to turn 4".

Nick V. King has released a new version of his VideoScope software for Mac G3s, which allows you to analyze and tweak an incoming video signal before digitizing, or to analyze an existing QuickTime movie. Check out the VideoScope home page for more info.

October 20, 1998

Mac OS 8.5, which started shipping last week "includes" QuickTime 3 Pro. However, you must register your copy of Mac OS 8.5 before Apple will send you the registration number you'll need to upgrade from the standard edition to the Pro edition. (Use the QuickTime Settings control panel to see which edition you have.) There's an Apple Tech Info article about upgrading to the QT3Pro under OS 8.5 with more details.

In the ongoing saga concerning Microsoft's anti-QuickTime tactics are a couple of stories with additional tidbits. At the bottom of a HeraldLink story "Industry reps boo Microsoft policies" there's a paragraph which describes how Compaq was going to license QuickTime, but didn't because of fears of Microsoft retaliation. A News.com article, "How chummy are Apple, Microsoft?" also mentions how Microsoft leaned on Apple not to market QuickTime for Windows.

You can get trial versions of a couple of new VR tools--one to convert between LivePicture and QTVR file formats, and the other to add hotspots to QTVR and LivePicture files under Windows. There are only Japanese versions, and the Web site is in Japanese, but if that's ok with you, go to <http://www.isl.intec.co.jp/proj/cg/web3d/tools.html>.

Radius EditDV is about ready to ship.This is a $999 editing package for DV camcorder users, which includes a FireWire card and cable, as well as MotoDV software for capture and Media Cleaner EZ for compression. A 10/14 Radius press release provides details, as does the Radius EditDV product page.

The MacSpeedZone has published part of the introduction from our book, QuickTime Compared to Other Technologies, in their Macintosh Mavens section. We don't know how long the link will be good.

Russell Clarke has an update to version 3.1.1 of his Play it Cool QuickTime movie player at the Play It Cool page.

October 13, 1998

FileMaker users may be interested in a free beta of software that lets you grab a still image from a video source directly within FileMaker. More details are at the Troi Grabber Plug-in for FileMaker page.

MacWeek Online has a piece by Robert Morgan, "RFI Report: SlowTime" in which he complains that Apple isn't making QuickTime the priority it should be.

The Bay Area QTVR Association meeting this month (this Thursday, 7 pm, in Cupertino) features Dr. Joshua Eskin from Panoptic Vision,who's developed a digital panoramic camera. More info is in a 10/7/98 message from Joel Cannon on the QuickTime-VR list.

On the shareware front, there's OneApp Cineslider that can be used to create self-playing QT movies; you can get more info, download, and register at the OneApp CineSlider page. And Play it Cool is a shareware app that does movie playback and editing, as well as creates self-playing QuickTime movies; get it at the Play it Cool page.

There's a brief article in eMediaweekly about Digital Renaissance's T.A.G. products. The article is mostly about their non-QuickTime products, but this is a good time to make you aware of their QuickTime 3.0 Macintosh product, now in beta. This product provides a timeline interface to help you to do text track-based things to movies, such as adding HREF tracks, chapter lists, and scrolling text. (It's supposed to also allow you to add hotspots to linear QuickTime movies, too, but this wasn't working the last time we checked.) You can get the beta at their T.A.G. for Macintosh page.

Remember Hitachi's MP-EG1A? It's a little camera that can record 20 minutes of MPEG-1 video which can be opened by Mac QuickTime users with the MPEG extension. It came out a year or so ago for $2400, but you can get it for $600 from MacMall, according to O'Grady's PowerPage. (If you go to MacMall, just do a find for "MP-EG1A"; it's a clearance item, though, and it looks like they don't have a lot in stock.)

The Panorama Tools page, mentioned last week, is now up and running. (The page was unavailable for several days last week because of a crashed Web server.)

October 6, 1998

Microsoft Media Player beta 1 for Macintosh is available at a Media Player for Macintosh page. It's advertised as being able to play QuickTime files (among many other formats), but we couldn't even get it to open a simple video track-only QuickTime movie.

VideoScript 1.1.2 is now available at the VideoScript home page. (Last week we noted that 1.1.1 was available.)

Incwell released SuperCard 3.5 this week. Among other things, SuperTalk (the tool's scripting language) includes commands for controlling QuickTime VR movies. You can get more info at Incwell's SuperCard page.

Macintouch noted that Yasuyuki Higuchi has a new page that lists products that come bundled with QuickTime 3 Pro.

Macintouch also noted that Heuris released their MPEG Export Engine-Pro, which allows existing users of their MPEG Power Professional to create DVD-ready MPEG streams by exporting from QuickTime products like MoviePlayer Pro.

At the Panorama Tools page, the final Mac version of of Panorama Tools 1.2 is available. (This is a free plug-in for Graphics Converter for creating and editing panoramic images so they can be used to create QTVR panos.)

ConVRter Pro (for converting between QTVR version 1.0 and 2.0) has been updated to version 1.3d26, available at the VRtools ConVRter Pro page.

ATI has released a new universal installer that automatically installs the right software for any and all installed ATI Mac cards (NEXUS GA, XCLAIM 3D, XCLAIM GA, XCLAIM TV, XCLAIM VR). Get it at ATI's Mac Drivers Page. MacCentral has an article titled "ATI provides more information on Universal Installer 3.3" with further details.

The Tech Info Library has an updated article about uninstalling QuickTime 3 from Windows systems. It covers completely removing QuickTime 3, since the uninstaller doesn't remove all files.