October 97

October 28

Apple has announced a QuickTime VR contest. Prizes include a 20th Anniversary Mac and Nikon N70 cameras, as well as film, processing, the QuickTime VR Authoring Studio software, and Kaidan tripod heads. Only US residents can enter, and entries must be submitted by January 30, 1998. All information is at the QuickTime VR Authoring Studio Contest home Page.

East-coasters may be interested in a seminar on VR photography on November 1. There's a page with info on this seminar.

The National Center for Accessible Media has a new tutorial on Captioning QuickTime Movie Clips. (It's adapted from our How-To from 9/9/96.)

The PowerPage is reporting that the CapSure video capture PC card from IREZ is delayed for a week or two.

We've just been informed of the PostForum site; it is user-driven with discussion forums on various digital video software and hardware tools.

October 21

MacWEEK has a news item on EditDV, a new Radius product for Firewire (DV) video capture and editing. It costs $999, and includes their PhotoDV/MotoDV hardware card and software for capture, as well as new EditDV software for editing.

On October 16th, O'Grady's PowerPage posted a review of the Kritter camera from iREZ. This is an all-in-one digital camera and capture card for PowerBook 3400 and 2400 models. Also, on O'Grady's PowerPage for October 17th, is info about how to win an iREZ CapSure card (not a camera; just a digitizing card), also for 3400 and 2400s.

ChannelD has released a product called DeltaVideo. It's "intelligent" time-lapse software, which looks at a scene and records a frame only if the scene changes. You can read more about it at Channel D's software page.arious digital video software and hardware tools.

October 14

Apple has put up a QuickTime VR Authoring Studio Sneak Peek page, where you can see screen shots of this soon-to-be-released, user-friendly software for creating QuickTime VR panoramas, objects, and scenes.

MacFixIt has some info on type-12 system errors when running QuickTime 2.5 and Mac OS 8. (Scroll to the bottom, or do a find for "QuickTime and Type 12 errors: a follow-up".)

MacFixIt also noted that there is an Apple tech note on problems with the AVID Cinema cards and 6400 and 6500 seris Macs.

MacWEEK has an article on the newest ATI XclaimVR card. It offers QuickTime, QuickDraw and QuickDraw 3D acceleration as well as video capture and video out, all for $299. (We couldn't find the new card mentioned at ATI's site.)

IXMICRO has released a beta of their 2.0 version of the TurboTV software; it's available from IXMICRO's download page.

Milton J. Aupperle has released new versions of "MyVidCap" for capturing and playing QuickTime movies and "MyVidEditor" for editing and compressing movies. These are now "fat" (68k and PowerPC). Get them at Aupperle's QuickTime Capture and Editing Shareware page.

AlienSkin software has released Eye Candy for AfterEffects; it's their cool Photoshop filters in motion. You can read more about the filters at the the Eye Candy for AfterEffects page.

There are some really interesting QuickTime VRs of the damage from the recent earthquake in Italy. We think they show off QTVR and give a real sense of the damage. There is an index to the images at a page called Terremoti umbro-marchigiani del 26 settembre 1997.

October 7

Active Concepts has of a demo of a beta of a forthcoming QTVR2 XFCN, which allows you to include QTVR movies in applications. It supports QuickTime VR 2.0 features and works with SuperCard, HyperCard and MediaObjects. Get it at Active Concepts' QTVR page.

ESP software has released a new version of MooVer, a utility for converting many files to the QuickTime (MooV) format, including various still image formats. It's at ESP's MooVer page.

David Palermo, the QuickTime VR Product Manager, announced on the QuickTime VR list that "the QuickTime VR Authoring Studio will be released mid November and will sell for $395. Upgrades for developers who purchased the QuickTime VR Authoring Tools Suite v2.0 will be $199." This is the first official word we've seen on pricing or timing. (You can get more info about this product in an August press release from Apple on the QTVR Authoring Studio.)

There's a new instructional video about QTVR. More info is at a press release about "QuickTime VR for Photographers".