June 97

June 24

Adobe has a plug-in for Premiere that will allow you to export a QuickTime movie to an animated GIF. You need your Premiere serial number in order to download it at the Premiere GIF Animation Plug-in page.

New drivers for capture cards:

There's a new driver for TurboTV, an inexpensive (under $200) TV tuner and QuickTime capture card. Get the driver at ixMicro's Download Drivers page, and more info about the card at the TurboTV page.

There's a driver update to version 2.1 for the XCLAIM VR card (another inexpensive capture card) at ATI's XCLAIM drivers page. The 2mb version is about $235 and 4mb version is $270

Also, Truevision has finally updated their software for their NuBus Targa 2000, also to version 2.1. Get the update at the Targa 2000 NuBus ftp directory.

Radius is running a special where you can buy their PhotoDV card (Firewire still-image capture) and get their MotoDV software for FireWire QuickTime capture for $49 (suggested retail for MotoDV is $99). Info about this special offer is displayed in an animation on Radius' FireWire Products page, and says that the offer runs until June 30th (but Radius is known for extending their specials: the VideoVision Trade-in special that we've mentioned previously has been extended until September 30th.)

Version 4.0b12 of MovieWorks is now available at the MovieWorks download page.

Rearden Technology has released SiteCam, a $129 application for setting up a WebCam.

There are some video clips available on an Apple Technology Update page, which show Jonothan Knowles, former QT product manager, demonstrating various features of QuickTime (text searching, sprites, music, VR, and MPEG). These are very large clips; note the download times listed. The page is also of interest because JavaScript is used to play the movies in a separate window.

June 17

There's an article at news.com, reporting that QuickTime 3.0 will be late.

ProMax has a new web site for FireMax, their forthcoming FireWire/DV system for the Macintosh.

An update of the shareware version of easyQTVR is available from Armchair Travel's easyQTVR page. The new version runs on Macs, with a beta version for Windows 95 and Windows 3.1. This is an xtra for Macromedia's Director to enable the playback of QuickTime VR panoramic movies.

Kaidan, the maker of QuickTime VR photographic equipment, is having a "blowout sale", where you can save$100 on selected panoramic tripod heads and object rigs. Check out Kaidan's sale page.

HyperCard Heaven, a site dedicated to HyperCard, has recently begun adding information about QuickTime, since HyperCard will be the primary tool to exploit QuickTime Interactive.

There's an announcement at QTVR Central about the next Bay Area International QuickTime VR Association meeting (June 19th at Apple).

June 10

The Information Workshop has posted a transcript/summary of the Beyond QuickTime 3.0 session from WWDC.

Radius has a new version of their VideoVision PCI software at their Mac VideoVision ftp site.

Those in the market for a digitizing card may want to check out Miro's "factory outlet", where you'll find a DC20 for around $500. If you've got a VideoVision Studio Nubus card, Radius' trade in program has been extended till June 30, allowing you to get a VideoVision Studio PCI for around $2500.

And, there's yet another beta of MovieWorks available (b11) at the MovieWorks Download page.

For a nice example of using JavaScript integrated with QuickTime VR, go to DynaMind's web site and click on the QTVR button to go to a page with a QTVR pano that you can click on to get info. You can pretty much figure out how they did it by viewing the source.

David Eisenberg sent us a note saying that there's a new location for his AVI to QuickTime Converter utility. We originally wrote about this in the Little QT Page for 2/25/97.

June 3

Terran Interactive has a new, very useful information page, Codec Central.

There's an article on "QTi: Multimedia for the masses" by Kelly Ryer, which gives her opinion about the advantages to adding interactivity to QuickTime.

If you missed the webcasts from WWDC, or are interested in some of the sessions that weren't webcast, you can purchase tapes (audio $10, video $30). Check out von Wiegandt Productions' WWDC Interactive Media Track page.

Michael Breeden has a review of the Xclaim VR card, one of the few inexpensive (under $500) cards that can do QuickTime capture, as well as accelerated playback.

There's a new version of QuickTime TV 1.5b2

We have finally archived news off this page, as well as redesigned the archive itself. Let us know what you think and if, by chance, we've made any mistakes.

Judy and Robert