December 98

December 15, 1998

Steve Jobs announced last week that QuickTime 4.0 will be released at the MacWorld conference in January. (This is the closest thing we've seen to an official announcement, yet.) This was reported in a 12/9 MacWeek article, "Jobs talks to teachers" and a 12/9 CNET article, "Apple's Jobs hints at '99 products". And, an Apple Insider Web article titled "QuickTime 4.0 Special Report!" speculates on upcoming features of this new release.

T.A.G. Editor for QuickTime has been released. Use this $345 tool to create chapter lists, static or scrolling text tracks, and HREFTracks (for URL flipping). Though you can do these same things with MoviePlayer Pro and some freeware, T.A.G. Editor does provide a timeline-based interface. The tool can also be used to encode QT movies as RealMedia or NetShow (ASF) files; T.A.G. Editor lets you define hotspots for these files. Get an evaluation copy at the T.A.G. Editor 2.0 for QuickTime 3.0 page where you can also read more about the product.

Roundabout Logic is offering a special holiday deal, good only through the end of the year. You can get their QTVR panorama software, Nodester, or their QTVR object software, Widgetizer for $60 each or $100 for the pair. Go to Roundabout Logic's home page for info and to order.

You can get a free beta of VR Toolbox's QTVR multinode scene creation software, VR Scene Worx, if you go to the VR Toolbox download area.

Check out the first issue of "Quick Times", the International QuickTime VR Association's new e-zine.

Jim Heid has written an article comparing VR technologies, QuickTime VR included. Internet World has an introduction, "Photographic VR Puts Users In the Picture", and what's essentially the rest of the article, "Four Photographic VR Technologies".

The Little QuickTime Page will be on hiatus for a while as we'll be enjoying the holidays and then the Macworld conference. We'll be back on January 12th. Happy Holidays to you all. If you're in SF for Macworld, we'll be presenters at a session on QuickTime (Pro Conference Creative Track 3; session C44); hope to meet some of you.

December 8, 1998

Finally, Electrifier Pro from Lari Software is available! This is the first "wired sprite" tool, one that lets you create interactive buttons and hotspots in linear QuickTime movies. It also can create really small (in filesize) movies. The price ($595) is a little steep, but this is the only currently shipping product that has these abilities. You can get more information, see sample movies, download a demo version, and order the product by going to Lari's Electrifier Pro page or Terran's Electrifier Pro page.

There are new versions (2.5) of MyVidCap and MyVidEditor shareware apps for capturing and editing video on the Mac at the MyVidCap and MyVidEdit page, where you'll also find info about what's new. One new feature in both tools that's particularly nice is that the tool will do long tasks (like saving self-contained and exporting) in the background, so you can use your Mac for other tasks.

Version 1.2.1 of the AX QuickTime Kit, for cross-platform QuickTime and QuickTimeVR support in mTropolis 2.0 is out. Go to the AX QuickTime Kit page to order the $269 product or to read more about it.

There's a press release about SDxstream, an interesting high-end video capture and editing solution for Windows NT that's based around QuickTime. It uses uncompressed video in order to get highest-quality results.

eMediaWeekly has a short article on VideoShop 4.5. This editing tool supports QuickTime music 3D, and text tracks, unlike most other commercial timeline-based editing tools. With this new version, it now has support for FireWire and QuickTime 3.

There's a macchat article about using QuickTime as a Web music tool.

December 1, 1998

Robert Morgan's 11/24 RFI Report comments on the future of QuickTime 4 and set-top boxes.

Version 5.0 of the Mac version of the Media 100 software is now shipping. You can read more about it at the 5.0 main info page.

Version 1.7.1 of Spike, the batch movie analyzer, is now available at the Spike Download Area page.

Version 1.2.3 of VideoScript, a tool that can be used to write scripts for processing video, is available at the VideoScript page.

QuickEditor 1.7 for Windows, a shareware QuickTime editor, is now available at the QuickEditor for Windows download page.

You can now get a demo version of PanoTouch, a set of Photoshop plug-ins for touching up QTVR panos, at the AdessoSoft home page.

There's plenty of QuickTime-based PR happening for the new Disney/Pixar movie, A Bug's Life. There's a special Apple Bug's Life Hot News page which has the movie trailer as a QT movie. And Disney has a page with QuickTime VR object movies of the animated characters, as well other pages that can be accessed from the Flik's Digital Adventure Page. (Use the pop-up at the bottom to see which are QuickTime-based).