September 98

September 29, 1998

David Burket has redesigned the page(s) that held his instructions for how to add sound to QTVR panoramas, and has added to and improved those instructionas as well. The site is now the QTVR Auditorium and will be a place to find all sorts of information on adding sound to QTVR files.

For a fun example of a QuickTime VR object movie, check out the GyroVR Mister B page.

VideoScript 1.1.1 is now available.A trial version and more info about this tool that can be used to write scripts for processing video, can be found at the VideoScript home page.

A September 10 Media Metrix report says that QuickTime is the 31st most popular software title used on PCs.(And a September 10th Webintosh piece provides a little more info on the Media Metrix report.)

UC Santa Cruz Extension is offering a weekend seminar on QuickTime on November 21 and 22, taught by Paul Stout, who's well-known for creating Apple's QuickTime VR course. Read the course description for "Making the Most of QuickTime" if you want more info.

James W. Walker has released version 1.2.1 of WormScanner, a program for looking for the AutoStart virus (the one that exploits the QuickTime AutoPlay feature on the Mac.) Get more info and the program at the WormScanner page.

We'd like thank our web boy, bruce linde, for posting our page weekly.

September 22, 1998

MacInTouch points to a very interesting Seattle Times article titled "'Knifing the baby': High-tech cooperation or collusion?". It's yet another story about Microsoft's strongarm tactics, but in this case it concerns QuickTime in particular.

A few more details about what's new in QT 3.0.2 can be found in a 9/15 message from Apple's Deeje Cooley on the QuickTime-dev list. (In essence, it's not worth downloading 3.0.2 unless you're a developer.)

The Squamish Media Group has released soundsaVR, a tool for adding directional sound to QuickTime VR movies. You read more about it and download a demo version on the soundsaVR page. Dave Burket of Consolidated Systems has a review of soundsaVR.

Bill Meikle has created a shareware tool called "Bill's WiredHack tool", for creating wired sprites. You can check it out at Bill's Test Wired Sprite tool page. (Warning: this tool is in early alpha stages of development. Use at your own risk.)

eMediaweekly's Creative Connections has a bunch of links to QuickTime-related sites (including this one!) this week. (This info at this link will change this week. Next week they'll probably move it to

There's more info now at the AdessoSoft website than there was last week when we mentioned that this company had announced a new product for editing QTVR panoramas in Photoshop.Of particular interest is the AdessoSoft When page, which lists upcoming presentations about the product.

The MyVidCap and MyVidEdit page has version 2.4 of these shareware apps for capturing and editing video on the Mac.

Some more updates which have become available over this past month:

The DevelopWare QTVRXtra (for using QTVR movies in Director) v1.1 is available at the DevelopWare site.

At the Panorama Tools page, there's a Windows version of the beta (1.2) of Panorama Tools, which adjusts and aligns images, so they can be used to create QTVR panos.

ConVRter Pro (for converting between QTVR version 1.0 and 2.0) has been updated to version 1.3d23, available at the VRtools ConVRter Pro page.

At their QuickTime Tools and Utilities page, Apple now has Windows versions of their very useful utilities for Web-based QT movies, MakeRefMovie and Plug-In Helper.

Here's a very basic how-to, which we've written because of the frequency with which we've been asked: "Why have all my image files become QuickTime files?". In this week's How-to, we explain one way to remap files back to Windows apps.

September 15, 1998

A few weeks ago Apple released QuickTime version 3.0.2; this is now the version that is downloaded from the QuickTime download page. As usual, there is little posted information on what is new or fixed with this release. You can gleam a little by checking the Tech Info Library note, "QuickTime 3.0.2: What's New"

The MacNN Reality page has an interesting story on why CNN has dropped its support for QuickTime, titled "Microsoft Bribes CNN; MS Media Player In, QuickTime Out".

MacCentral started a 4-part series about the future of QuickTime in August. Here's the last two installments: DVD part of QuickTime's big picture and Chromeffects and QuickTime: competitors or not?

There have been various QuickTime-related software updates (most listed at VersionTracker):

HEURIS has a $99 MPEG-1 exporter component for use with QuickTime and MoviePlayer Pro. You'll want to check out the MPEG Export Engine page, where you'll also find the following interesting note: "Users of Terran Interactive's Media Cleaner Pro should note that the HEURIS MPEG Export Engine will be bundled with version 3.1 of Media Cleaner Pro. Version 3.1 of Media Cleaner Pro is due out by the end of September. Just hold your horses!"

There's a new technote on QuickTime and QuickTime Plug-in for Windows 3.1 in Apple's Technical Information Library (TIL).

Looks like a new type of QTVR tool is about to come out. AdessoSoft will be introducing PanoTouch, a "tool for adding content to, editing, and retouching QuickTime VR panoramas" at the BAQTVRA meeting this week in Cupertino. For more info, check AdessoSoft's home page.

Ken Turkowski added a new QTVR calculator for determining the number of photos to achieve a desired overlap to his QuickTime VR Authoring Tricks page.

Rich Young has a new page, "an After Effects Portal", with lots of info on After Effects.

Charles Wiltgen has postedto the QuickTime-Announce list "The QuickTime Universal Studio/Win List (v0.1)" it's his first attempts to list Windows hardware and software that uses QuickTime.

The QuickTime Gazette has started the QuickTime Club at Yahoo; this will be "an online gathering place for QuickTime developers to discuss and share ideas."

Lari Software has a showcase page for QuickTime 3 movies created with Electrifier Pro, the soon-to-be-released and very cool tool for creating wired sprite movies.

We're back from a much needed rest. All of you that have e-mailed us: we will try to answer your mail within the week.