November 97

November 25

There's a new capture card on the market: the Fuse card from Aurora Design. The price is$699 for the full card, and less for the DAV card (which is a card that will work in machines with a DAV slot, like the PowerMac 7500, 7600, 8500, and 8600.) Read Aurora's Products Page for lots more info.

Rearden Technology has a new version of their SiteCam webcam software. Check out Rearden's SiteCam 1.1 Press Release.

There's a new plug-in for the MacOS version of Premiere (as well other software): Panhandler is a plug-in you can use to create surround sound audio tracks for playback with surround sound equipment. You can get a demo at a page at Santa Barbara Film and Video Works.

Puffin Designs has released an update to their high-end video painting tool, Commotion. Read more about version 1.1 on the Commotion 1.1 Features page.

A tech note about the Avid Cinema card at Apple's Technical Information Library has been updated to include information about the card's lack of compatibility with the new G3 Macs.

November 18

Lari Software has a Web Graphics and Animation Survey and they're looking for input from web designers. It's a relatively short survey, and by filling it out you can be entered in a drawing to win one of 6 Color QuickCams.

Micropolis, the maker of fast A/V hard drives has filed chapter 11, according to an item at the MacInTouch Home Page.

miroVideo (now owned by Pinnacle Systems) has a beta release of a new version of their DC30 software driver. Get it at Pinnacle's ftp site. (The English NTSC version is M110b2u.hqx, the English PAL version is M110b2e.hqx, and the German version is M110b2d.hqx)

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Judy and Robert

November 11

There's an article titled "QuickTime Rules" at the Desktop Video site; it's a right-on article about why QuickTime is so great. (Plus, the Little QuickTime Page is mentioned in it.)

There's a new tutorial at the QuickTime VR Tutorial Page which covers using JavaScript with QTVR panoramas.

You can download a demo of a QuickTime movie playing inside a QuickTime VR panorama at the Unofficial VRScript Support Page (download Demo 3). The audio from the movie even fades in and out as you pan towards and then away from the QuickTime movie. You'll be able to replace both the pano and the QuickTime movie that come with the demo with movies of your own. However, you'll need to use an editor to first rotate your QuickTime movie 90 degrees. (For instructions on how to do this rotation using Adobe Premiere, see a message posted to the QuickTime VR list by Bill Meikle, who created the demo.)

You can now order the QuickTime VR Authoring Studio (the user-friendly but very powerful tool for creating QuickTime VR panos, objects, and scenes). Get the details in a Press Release about the QuickTime VR Authoring Studio.

The next Bay Area QuickTime VR Association meeting is 11/20. Get details in a message from Joel Cannon posted to the QuickTime VR list. Plus, another message from Joel Cannon announces a QuickTime VR Photography workshop on 11/22.

Apple is offering free QuickTime Creativity Seminars, through the Apple Market Centers.

November 4

There's another online chat about QTVR being held today, November 4, at 5 pm pacific time. It'll focus on equipment for QTVR photography. Go to the World Without Borders home page.

There's a bunch of stuff from MacWEEK:

Kelly Rider has written an excellent opinion piece on QuickTime 3.0.

There is also an article on QuickTime 3.0 being delayed and the reorganization of the Interactive Media Group at Apple.

Eric J. Adams has a piece on the acceptance of FireWire by video professionals.

Radius has a press release on their new EditDV system (for FireWire capture and editing.)

O'Grady's Power Page has an updated article on the iREZ CapSure card (capture card for PowerBook 2400 and 3400s).