Cool QuickTime Tools





QT function
LiveChannel Channel Storm broadcast
LiveStage Totally Hip interactive
Flash macromedia interactive
GoLive Adobe interactive
Macaw Whit Anderson text
FinalChapter AcutAbove Software text/chapters
MAGPie National Center for Accessible Media text
Textation Feelorium Limited text/chapters/HREFS
QuickTime Text Tracks Stanley P. Soria text
Cleaner Discreet compression/text/chapters/hrefs/hotspots
VideoClix eLine Technologies hotspots/text/chapters
Standard MIDI Files on the Net Charles I. Kelly music
easy beat macility music
Kinoma Producer Kinoma conversion
Flix Wildform conversion
Movie2MPEG Kenji Gotoh conversion
Conversion AppleScripts Apple conversion
ScreenDIG screen capture
SnapZ Ambrosia Software, Inc. screen capture
BTV Ben Bird capture
vidvox Vidvox fun/art
Videodelic U&I Software llc fun/art
YOW* YOW* fun/art
QuickTime AppleScripts Apple scripting
VideoScript VideoScript Inc. scripting
SoundScript Michael Norris Software Software scripting
Qtilities Retiarius Enterprises misc
QuickTime Tools and Utilities Apple misc

Last Updated on 9/17/03 (Note: this chart was originally created for a MacWorld presentation in January '02. We have updated this page only to fix broken links, delete tools that no longer exist, and, in a few cases, replace tools with others that have taken their place. We also removed the columns with price information. We have not added any new tools, though there are surely some new "cool" QuickTime-related tools out there. )
By Judy and Robert